100 Landmark Judgment Series


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‘Into Legal World Publication’ is launching “The 100 landmark Judgment Series” wherein we are compiling 100 landmark judgment from Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Contract, The Criminal Procedure code, The Evidence Act, Family Law, International Law, and The Law of Tort in distinct books collectively constructing the series.

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Aims and Objective

Judgments apart from serving as a source of law, also build the understanding of its applicability of law. Considering the importance of precedents, from various direction in the illimitable and ever-evolving field of law, is indispensable. The idea is to analyse and compile all the leading judgments from each field of law in the form of a book.
Each book will be a compilation of 100 Landmark Judgments for the purpose of easy and hassle free access to entire concept of respective discipline. Selection of the 100 judgments shall emphasize on entire syllabus of competitive exams such as PCS (J), LLM, AIBE (All India Bar Examination) and other exams so as to come up with a quick go-through series which may digest entire syllabus.

The backbone of the idea of publishing a series which has the compilation of 100 landmark judgement from each subject(covered under judiciary examination) in the form of book, is the immense appreciation from Hon'ble Judges, professors, advocates and other legal professionals who agreed with the fact, that such a series is missing and requisite for entire legal fraternity.

Each Judgment will be critically analysed by professionals, Hon’ble Judges, Advocates, and Professor for reflecting valuable concepts underling those judgment.
Series of 100 Landmark Judgment Series shall be ideal for Law Students, Advocates, Professors, Judges, and anyone having quest for law.


One shall hold special qualification for being editor of particular discipline.


Anyone who qualifies interview conducted by ILW Team shall be Author of the respective discipline. Every discipline will be authored by team of Editors and Sub-Editors.

Contributing Author

Anyone who is interested in working for the project and is from legal background will be Contributing Author.


Editors shall be leading heads of their respective discipline. They shall strategize the project or shall follow as recommended by ILW Team. Authors will be sub-ordinates to Editor. Editor will find, edit, and write on all the leading cases from respective discipline or delegate it to Author. Team Into Legal World will be the final authority in case of any dispute/s arising therefrom.

Registration Procedure

Fill-up the ‘registration form’ and submit the same at 4/366, Virat Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226010, Or register online.

Publication of Book

The book will be launched on May 7, 2018. Every Editor will get free copy of the book with 10 % royalty on the book with certificate. (Authors copy of the Book is not for sale.) Every Sub-Editor will get the book just at printing cost with certificate.

Guidelines for writing the Book

Proper guidelines for writing the book will be sent via email to all the selected writers.

Book launch

The ‘100 Landmark Judgment Series’ will be launched in the Book Event conducted by ILW or in any/or all of the Event conducted by ILW. Editors and Sub-Editors will get special pass in all of the Events conducted by ILW.
For any question or queries feel free to contact us at info@intolegalworld.com.

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Editors 100 Landmark Judgement Series

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Organising Committee

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