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Careers in Law after LL.B


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The ambition to enter the legal profession is usually drawn from inspiration. From Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama, the list of luminaries who have used this profession as a stepping stone to greatness runs long and wide. From swanky corporate offices to jobs in movies and the media, lawyers have moved many moons away from the conventional and now live very much in the real world. Lawyers are the most sought after people by corporations and individuals, leaving a dearth of lawyers when looked up against the demand.

With opening up of the economy the paying capacity of individuals have increased which have resulted in high growth of legal luminaries. Now is the best time to get your ambition if you have opted law.


Whether there is high time in economy or depression, litigation takes a balance between justice and ambition. If you are good in practical knowledge, communication skill, interaction and persuasion then litigation is best option for you. This is also a gateway to become judge in High Court and Supreme Court. The graduates are supposed to qualify a Bar Exam before they join the Courts of Law.


Corporate Counsel

If you want high package in litigation without working in court then probably corporate counsel is best way to go. You may work with a company/corporate entity as an in-house legal counsel, advising on legal matters related to its business. An in-house counsel plays an important role in drafting, vetting and negotiating contracts; ensuring and monitoring compliance with rules and laws; and handling legal disputes.

You may join public or private companies based on opportunity and packages such as Multi National Corporation, Private Companies, Private Bank or Public Sector Undertakings, Public and Nationalised Bank and Government Agencies. There are more in the list.


LAW Firms

Law Firms are the corporate entities formed by group of professional lawyers. They are engaged in various jobs, such as, litigation, consultation, mediation, drafting a document and dispute resolution. A noticeable trend that has emerged in the last few years is to shift from solo practice to well organized law firms, which comprise several lawyers working together as one entity. As part of a law firm, one advises clients about their legal rights and recourses as well as other legal matters


Social Work

I have generally found that those who choose law having soft side for humanity. They want to do something great for society. For them, to form or to join NGOs are best option. You can also be a great advocate and a great social worker.

Law school graduates are also offered opportunities to work with international organizations such as the United Nations and with international tribunals like International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, etc.


Judicial Services/Civil Services

Judicial Services/Civil Services are the most opted field in law. These jobs are matter of great prestige. The State Judicial Services Examination organized by the High Courts for their respective states, is a safe and sound option for those of you, who wish to pursue a stable government career. One may also opt for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, which is the most prestigious examination in the country.


Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Processing outsourcing (LPO) is the delegation of core legal functions like making first drafts of cases, compliance work, legal research, etc. to an external counsel. The assigned task is completed on the basis of set parameters and fixed timelines. You can become an important part of reputed MNCs by forging a career in LPO. “One shall think thrice before going for this as there is little development in LPOs”, said Adv Shachendra Tiwari.



Academia now a days is a great career for law intellects as you can use your energy for future generation to come and inspire them to do great in their career. A career that not only allows you to pursue your intellectual interests and work on research projects, but also offers a wide degree of flexibility and autonomy and pays you to read, talk and think?


Judicial Clerkship

A judicial clerkship is an extremely valuable experience for students interested in either litigation or transactional work; it provides invaluable insights into the workings of the legal system. Law clerks act as legal assistants whose duties vary from court to court and judge to judge.

Five ways to build great career in Law


Media and LAW

As professionals, both journalism and law are intertwined as they require superior research and writing skills as well as a critical knowledge of the government and the legal system. Legal journalism covers legal proceedings in courts, arbitration events, criminal matters, etc., which are disseminated to the public.

Legal Publishing: Lawyers get an opportunity to work as editors for various types of print and electronic media. It is a good option for those with a knack for writing. You can also publish your content with Into Legal World. Your us your article/essay at .

Law Reporting: One can take up a career as a law reporter with TV channels and newspapers. Ranging from high profile cases to concerns related to social issues and human rights, a new path for lawyers has opened up in this field.


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