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Government clarifies on the fake and mischievous letter going round of linking Aadhar with land record


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Nidhi Chandra

A fake letter was being circulated claiming that the Centre is working on a proposal to link Aadhaar with land records. The government  then  issued a clarification saying that the letter in circulation was not issued by it.


The Centre has clarified that the letter attributed to the Cabinet Secretariat, regarding linking land records to Aadhaar, is “fake and mischievous”.


Mr. Frank Noronha, the Principal Spokesperson of Government of India and Principal Director General of Press Information Bureau, rubbished such claims.


Taking notice of the purported letter from the Cabinet Secretariat dated June 15, 2017, complete with a signature of an under-Secretary, Mr. Noronha said that a police complaint has been lodged and the matter is under investigation.


The statement was issued by the Government after reports doing the rounds that the Centre was planning to link all land records with the Aadhaar number under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP).


When the office of commissioner was contacted for land administration here, it came to light that that no such communication had been received from the Centre.


“We have never seen any missive from the union government regarding this. If at all the cabinet secretariat from the national capital writes to state government, it will be addressed to chief secretary and not as mentioned in the communication,” a top official said.



The letter, with the subject of ‘digitization of land records since 1950’ had claimed that the Centre  is planning to bring a law making it mandatory for such linkage, and that the properties not linked shall be considered for ‘appropriate action’ under the Benami Transactions (Amended) Act.


The fake letter claimed that the Centre shot off letters to all the states and Union Territories asking them to digitise “land records, mutation records, sale and purchase records from year 1950- of any immovable property (see section 2 of the Income Tax Act 1961 and subsequently amended) including land (agricultural and non agricultural), houses (independent or Society) etc by 14 August 2017.”


It was issued on June 15, and was addressed to Chief Secretaries of States and UTs, Additional Chief Secretaries of State and UTs, Lt Governor Delhi, NITI Aayog and a copy was also sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for record.




Discrepancies prevalent earlier

In the absence of any effective land records maintenance system, one of the biggest challenges that gripped India was about land ownership issue. Here, one was only presumed to be an owner and not a conclusive owner of land unless proved otherwise.

Apart from this, inaccurate physical records and security issues of sharing land records publicly were some areas of concern.


The government too, faced difficulties. Many a times, land acquisition for development projects were done but the 7/12 land extract (an extract from the land register maintained by the revenue department) did not reflect these changes.


Thus, the land was acquired fraudulently sold to another person by taking advantage of this loophole.

In some cases, people had mortgaged acquired properties for obtaining bank loans, stated a revenue official.

All these incongruities forced to bring forward the Land Management system but the Government had no intentions of linking it with aadhar neither earlier nor in present time.


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