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Legal Shorts; SC on Instigation to commit suicide – What constitutes – Constant and persistent dowry demands – S. 306 IPC.


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Per Mukharji, J._
_Constant dowry demands from newly wedded wife and consequent taunts, ill-treatment, cruel behaviour, torture and insinuation that she was carrying an illegitimate child are grave and serious provocations enough for an ordinary woman in the Indian set-up, to commit suicide.

Per Ray, J. (concurring)_
_The persistent demands of the accused for more money, their tortures and taunts amounted to instigation and abetment that compelled her to do away with her life. The finding of the trial court that a respectable lady cannot bear the false allegation levelled against her and this must have mentally tortured her, which was arrived at on a proper appreciation of evidence being the only view, must be upheld.

Gurbachan Singh Vs. Satpal Singh.

(1990) 1 SCC 445: 1990 SCC (Cri) 151.

Bench Strength – 2.
Coram: Sabyasachi Mukharji and B.C. Ray, JJ.
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