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Rohingya Crisis and the Concerns by the Government of India


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Akash Tanay, B.A. LL.B (H), Legal News Reporter

Minorities in most of the countries have to face some problems like discrimination, sometimes hate, sometimes humiliation and most of the times ill treatment. But when the question comes on the life and security of particular community in a particular country the conditions become worst. The same erosion of human rights can be seen in the present case of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Rohingya: An Introduction

Rohingya Muslims, one of the most persecuted groups in the world having their origin in the state of Myanmar and are basically humiliated and discriminated because of Racist Propagandas and blistering violence. They are the groups which stripped their citizenship in 1980. The most discriminating fact in Myanmar is that it does not regard the minority group as citizens and because of this Rohingyas stripped off their citizenship in 1982 and on Feb 11, Myanmar’s President “TheinSein” rescinded a voting right offer to the country’s Rohingya community because of the pressure from far right winged Buddhist groups. They were said to be the accused of religious contamination and breaking the country’s ethnicity.

The story of Rohingyas begin after the 1962 military coup, in Myanmar where the whole things changed drastically for Rohingya. All citizens were required to obtain national registration cards. The Rohingya, however, were only given foreign identity cards, which limited the jobs and educational opportunities they could pursue and obtain. In 1982 a new citizenship law was passed, which effectively rendered the Rohingya stateless. Under the law, Rohingya were again not recognised as one of the country’s 135 ethnic groups. This law established three levels of citizenship, the 1st one is the naturalised citizenship,families living in Myanmar before 1948 and the fluency in the local language but Rohingya lacked paper works and denied  the rights including the rights of study, work, travel, marry, practice their religion and even to the access to health services. They were not allowed to vote and also got restricted in the professions like medicine, law or running for office.

Regular Migration and the religion of terrorism

According to the recent data from the UN in May, more than 168,000 Rohingyas have migrated or fled from Myanmar since 2012 due to widespread persecution following violence that broke down recently 87,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh from October 2016 to July 2017 and during such crackdowns, refugees have often reported rape, torture, arson and murder by Myanmar security forces as well as other groups.

But this whole issue also come with the controversial topic of “Religion of terrorism” as worldwide it is said that a particular religion is the face of terrorism but here this Rohingya issue brought thename of a controversial monk “Ashin Wirathu” who is alleged of spreading this ethnic hate in the common mass. He is the leader of the Ultra Nationalist group “969” in Myanmar and also known by the name of “Burmese Bin Laden”. Also he is found to convert the crisis of religion into the crisis of politics and being in opposite of the growth of the Islam in Myanmar he also campaigned against the Rohingyas and humanitarian crisis got converted into ethnic cleansing. Myanmar’s government and local authorities have long been complicit in the violence against the Rohingya and other minority groups. It is also condemned that “Burmese officials, community leaders and Buddhist monks” are organised in this ethnic cleansing and justify themselves by saying that Rohingyas were planning to establish an Islamic state in Rakhine.

Rohingyas: In the views of Different Leaders of the world and India’s stand

Different prominent leader of the world and the Human Rights organisations are putting their view regarding this crisis and worldwide condemn of this issue is going on. In the views of Buddhist monk “Dalai Lama” ‘this condition arose because of Extremist Buddhist groups and he as well as Buddhism is always against such mentality. According to “Barak Obama” former US president ‘this action by the Myanmar government will not lead the country to be something it really wants to be’. “Malala Yusufjai” on 4th Sep 2017 twitted that “The world is waiting for the response of ‘Aang San Sui Ki’ the only hope for the Rohingyas and also said that they must be provided at least the citizenship rights. She also asked Pakistan and other Muslim countries to provide shelter to these humiliated Rohingyas. The famous Myanmar leader, Chancellor and human right activist “Aang Sui Ki” has refused to really discuss the plight of the Rohingyas. The novel prize (for peace) winner condemned “all human rights violation in Rakhine” but didn’t mentioned Rohingyas anyway.The only hope came from the Prime minister of Bangladesh “Sheikh Hasina” who said that “If Bangladesh is feeding their own population they can also feed Rohingyas”.

India’s view is clear in this situation and the ministry is considering these refugees as ‘illegal migrants’ and they must have to leave the Indian Territory. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) also provided identity cards for 16,500 Rohingya migrants but still as per the statements of  Union Minister of State for Home Affairs “Kiran Rijiju” they are illegal migrants and they must have to leave, but we can’t throw them out or ditch them in the Bay of Bengal. India is having a talk to Myanmar for a safe deport. In between Anti Rohingya protests also began in recent times in India.

In a nutshell the whole concept is about the contradiction of religious fragmentation and political gain. Overall breach of International Law as well as Human Rights are getting in vein in front of religious and political gain. Incidents like this compels us to re think about our existence and make us to look again that are we living in such era where religion or political gain matters over the ethics or morality which are said to be as the basic human values. A person in need, in trouble must not to be differentiated according to religion or ethnicity but everyone must come to help and world organisations must help them to establish once again.


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