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The Ice-Breaking to Break the ‘Broken


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Written By: Abhivardhan


India, in its basic political and social realm, is driving towards an extra-dependent sphere of nothingness. People have become weary of the monotonous content and its intricacies, which have propagated only and only a limited pigeon-hole. However, this is not the matter of truth, but the vaguest tryst, which has affected the reality of mankind. The terms such as ‘national crush’ and misrepresentation of international realms such as in case of Rohingya, Doklam, and others have left the people in an ambiguous and frustrating disarray. Moreover, the applied realm of the Constitution of India has been miss-considered, where reality is perception howsoever that perception is not reality. Thus, this article in its earnest effort attempts to cover on the basic rhapsodies of thought and emotional rigidity in India, which is not even observant nor observable.

We lost convergence because of self-divergence

Imagine to just open up your window and gaze at a beautiful sun. There, you observe someone shouting and burning some pricing-sort-of valuable paper into a crammed-up piece of scarecrow masked with someone, whose face even is not adequately printed! Means, he, with some other dear persons, wearing their own special socially effective apparel, just burning some precious sheets, posters and whatsoever be there precious ornaments such as broom, bamboo, etc., which cost them no more than a 500 Indian Rupees to buy the raw material and use it for some other causes. And please wait, don’t forget that this generally amounts to the vaguest perception and reality because your daily fresh air, which you eat up in morning so happily, is just spilled! Not only a mere pollution but a conjecture towards social disturbance on a dear femme, whose ascribable history is even so unknown. A juxtaposition enshrined in the facade itself.

Still, when we are nearing towards a beautiful discernment to earn a good life and live some positive aspect of dreaming something, we mug up some binary-based questionnaires and extremely provocative debates on someone’s lost cow or a plain sectarian and geographical allusion, which even does not make you an IAS or CLAT topper as it does not give you any marks. Still, they are made to be like that for they help you to plunge again and again into something unknown, which you may presumably like as it becomes a mental alcohol. Now, as we have started to talk about these general pockets of effect and influence, let us not forget what mania we often ponder when media streams the ambiguous vigor to the Indian Cricket Team for any test or ODI series and just forgets what really happens! Reality is just sarcastic, but at least it tries to be much honest. In addition, when this cloud of perception embodies our free ground of thought, it rains and as it does, we are just plunged and obsessed and so too don’t remember what actually happened. This defeats innovative thought, but yes, when we crash at a simple decent flick of a Kerala-based Priya, whose film is promoted and she is too known, we forget how our originality suffers. We are like Shakespeare’s Monsieur Le Bon, in the Merchant of Venice, wherever we actually admire what we see, but ask ourselves too little to know the truth within us. Is it correct? Well, it is the perception, which has frozen us and not the fast speed of our working chores. So, if one states that we cannot change, then it is actually not true. When the truth is subjected to perception, we become like that.

Truth travels: It does not need a mirror

So then, what is the truth? If there are IHRL violations in the Syrian Arab Republic, then how does the truth remain in there? Well, the truth is all about the better concern, when we actually do not know how things should emerge. Same is the case with the Rohingya crisis. The recognition of refugees of Rohingya via religion is no sense because, in the end, it satisfies nothing. So, all we need is just a credible mechanism of perception and nothing else. Still, we often talk and boast about the patriotic concerns of our fighters and soldiers. We actually intend to give them a bashing respect and become totalitarian. How does that operate from our perspective? Well, we forget the subjectivity and its neutrality to apply. In addition, when we do not apply, it becomes and mere problem. Hindi, the mere criteria of societal objectification, isn’t like that. We actually forget that the objectification does not propagate the values of integrity. Well, integrity has never been as what the media boasts of or what the governments love to speak about. It is actually the resilience towards our patrimony, which is a part of the liberty of a subjective realm. Means, political independence, conscience to religion and sovereign equality are the instruments towards achieving what we actually want to achieve. However, the achievement is naturally not as easy as it seems. Thus, what we now need is actually the manifestation of mere truth, which makes up your self-motivation towards a better conglomeration of social innovation.

When we look at our lives, we believe we are under a mere stringent absolutism about a yes or a no, which actually does not arise in the way that it seems. It is actually not about the ignorance that we avail and the fake news and informational bias makes it up, but the decrease in the concern that we need. Religion is subjective, and so are our lives. We are indebted to be affected by the manifestation of despair and always chide the fate of a humongous population that we possess. However, it is not the population that is the problem because our population can work towards a greater betterment of our federal economy. Thus, this is a need to understand that in every developing country, this arises as a simple problem. Hence, this is not the time to condemn our history and present as both of them are turned down by our mistake of subjectivity. We are not Gandhi nor Nehru, but we assume to criticise them without even considering that the formal structure that India achieved in these flourishing 70 years amidst vigorous killings, riots, economic setbacks, corruption, human resource anomalies and mismanagement is obviously a great achievement. Nationalism, as Orwell suggests is never individualistic. It does not even know how the societal realism exists. Thus, when we talk about social engineering of Mulayam Yadav or Nitish Kumar, we must never forget that Jayalalithaa also contributed her own phenomenon of social coherence.

So, what is satisfaction for us?

This is obviously not a philosophical contention to ponder upon, but at least this is quite understandable that love and concern towards those things that seem to be so obvious must never be ignored. The day from when we start doing it, we can achieve anything. Politics is a hoax sometimes; we turn out to discuss democratic attributions but we often forget that it was Plato, who stated that a state structure of people traverses from being a monarchic autocracy towards a federal democracy. Hence, there is hope, But, it depends on how we attain that. There is no simple or ideal step towards realization. It depends on our conscience. It would be of no use to just condemn in the wake of perception that we make towards political regimes, competitive examinations, and some specific places, where we even do not know how to seek. Same is with the youth. The Indian youth is typically not bad. It is as vibrant as it should be. It needs social integration. It actually lacks nothing but objective directives of consideration and thought, which sometimes makes us feel how to deal with the truth. So, you can understand that the alleviating constraints that we force on an average boy or a girl do not facilitate anything to us because we forget that diversity has to exist.  It does not need any backing. A person, whose perceptive strength is somehow towards economics, may not have interest in law. It is not his fault, but a simple destiny. Hence, it is time to understand and not criticize. We earn, we work and feel as if we are perished by despair in our lives, but that is actually not the end. Every seed needs a room for improvement, where the improvement is never as materialized as we try to find it out in board examinations, entrance tests, and various competitive examinations. Even a successful IAS officer can be a culprit. Amitabh Bachchan, the epitome of longing success, is still working. He is availed with wealth, a family and a satisfying career. He is socially integrated and is available on social media. However, he is working and did not stop like Rajesh Khanna and Shashi Kapoor. He envisions to bring out himself every time out of the box. You can see the dedication that Meera Kumar, the former speaker from the Indian National Congress in Lok Sabha at the 70s give like Yashwant Sinha from BJP still. Why? They all have earned what they had to earn as a part of their destiny. Every one attempts to move on and continue to pursue his own destiny and truth. India has been the best observant to this. So, yes, there is a matter of question to the state responsibility in its intrinsic affairs and yes, we should question the government and its politics. However, please abstain from becoming a puppet of subjectivities but the master of all of them mentioned. Hope is turbulent. It let us feel our emotions and experience it to relinquish of the intent that we face in our lives. We need to feel what we ought to feel. We cannot stop by bare hands. But, we cannot pause our mind with the so-called moral correctness, which in the end substantiates us to better our emotions towards facing challenges. Thus, to change our national sphere in every perspective, just please do not be a part of the hounds who bark criticism and overtly rely on negativity. There is hope, and so let us understand better to not remain that small to handle our situations. It is we, who can really change our dimensions.

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