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Written By:  Aishwarya Sudhir

Since the inception, the prison has been the canvas of abstract hues, appealing enough to make prisoners inhabitable. But now a day we are well versed with the fact of the prison and the life of prisoner’s in India, which is quite vulnerable. The concept behind the prison was to improve the convicts not to punish them the way it is being practiced so that they can once again live the normal life, but today the reality is worst and practicality is totally different.   We cannot deny the fact that prisoners are also a human being and every human has the human rights. And every human has right to live their life with dignity and to live a healthy life and in a clean environment, not only this there are many more problems that prisoners face. There is no proper sanitations facility, they do not get proper hygienic food and every prison get different type of meal, no cleanliness is being maintained, almost all the prison has been constructed at the time of British rule or just after the independence so buildings need the proper maintenances, there should be proper library inside the jail premises because knowledge can change the world there must be a facility of counselling and meditation, because knowledge can be both constructive as well as destructive, proper and counselling and meditation will bring the positive change and will bring the way of positive thinking. There must be a proper facility of mulakati. Now a day system of mulakati(meeting of prisoner’s with their relatives or friends) is very worst, there is a number of people together at same time and another side number of prisoners together what others say are not being properly audible which waste time only. There is a thick iron net quoted with dust between the relative and the prisoners and they are not able to see each other’s face properly. Police should treat prisoners well they should also be taught the moral values and value skill education so that some morality may inculcate inside them and their stereotypes thinking may change. To improve the situation and life of prisoners we have to understand the concept of bringing the system and rule of prison. We have to study the historical background and analysis the present situation and should look on the loop-hole keeping in mind the today’s scenario and situation. Every prison must have the knowledge about their rights so that they can raise voice for it and for now, we have to be their voice.

Ameliorative steps

  • Knowledge of human right

Human rights are the basic rights of human beings and no person should be deprived of such rights. The protection of human rights is guaranteed by some important international instruments and should not regress. This fundamental principle is also applied to prisoners in custody in correctional facilities and should be respected fully as long as it does not harm the purposes of their incarceration. Making an effort to attain this goal is a consideration to adopting and applying it in the administration of their penal institutions. 

  • Facility of clean premises and hygienic food
  • Same meal for every prison
  • Maintenance of building
  • Facility of the library inside the jail

There must be a proper facility of the library as knowledge can change the world

  • The arrangement of some course

Courses like computer course and some creative course can be arranged for prisoners so that they can lead a proper better life after getting free from jail.

  • Facility for counseling and meditation

Knowledge can be both constructive and destructive so to understand the difference between right and wrong and to bring positivity in one’s personality it is much

  • Proper clothes and some necessary products must be provided

Every prisoner should get neat and clean clothes according to seasons and some necessary things like blankets and sanitary napkins. 

  • Legal help camp must be organized by us

Legal help camp must be organized by NGOs, universities etc. to provide them legal aid and help.

  • Moral education classes for police

Police should also be taught the moral values and value skill education so that some morality may inculcate inside them and their stereotypes thinking may change.

  • The system of mulakati must be improved

 There should be a proper facility for meeting prisoner with their relatives so that they can see each other and can communicate properly

  • All the guidelines must be followed by jail authority

All the guidelines that are being given prison must be followed like every prison have to stick those guidelines given in D.K.BASU CASE but none of them follow I had not seen in any jail where I visited till date.

These are some of the preventive steps that can be followed in fact should be followed to improve the condition and life of a prisoner.

Edited By: Rachit Mehrotra


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