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Written By:  Kamal Ghotra

It is a three level examination i.e. pre, mains and then interview. So to get through in all the three levels, you need to be abreast with the laws and for that, the aspirants need to study not only the bare acts of the legislation but also the classic commentaries on each subject. One has to prepare differently for the examination. Mere cramming the language of bare acts does not help the aspirants in the interview; rather one must have the thorough knowledge of each law and sections.

 Most importantly, cramming verbatim the language of the bare act is not the panacea for succeeding in this examination. Now many case law based questions and the questions based on practical problems are being asked. As each mark is very significant from the examination point of view, so every aspirant must study thoroughly all the leading and landmark judgments. Discussing law and its recent developments with the practicing Lawyers and Judges will also help a lot. Apart from that, every student, who is aspiring for Judicial Services, must-read biographies of the Hon’ble Judges and great lawyers. It will also help them in setting up a significant mindset for competing for the examination.

 One must study general knowledge and some bare acts of major subjects like C.P.C, Cr.P.C, Contract, etc.

Research work is very important in the field of legal profession because through research we come to know many aspects of law in the specialized topic. Legal research makes sense when we understand how particular law books relate to the legal and political institutions that create law. All research has its objective and this objective is the collection of authoritative material relevant to your topic of research. These authoritative materials comprise legislation in force and judicial decisions. Legal research also helps to broaden up your mind setup. And to get practical knowledge as well.

That one should believe in their hard work. Prepare for the exams confidently and have patience. Having patience and confidence will definitely make the person successful. One should also keep focused on their aim. There will come many obstacles while preparing for exams it may relate to study or any problem relating to your personal life but you should always try to sort them out as soon as possible to concentrate on your studies as this is the part of life. If you do not qualify exams once or twice then please do not give up. Try and try harder until you achieve. You should decide yourself that your passion is to study and qualify the exam.

Some of the points need to be considered:-

The aspirant may start their preparation with bare acts. Read each line of a section and understand it that what exactly section speaks of instead of cramming it.

 While going through bare acts pay special attention to definition, section, order, and rules, an essential ingredient, illustration, explanation, examples, and schedule. As the pre-examination objective is of objective nature and the aspirant is expected to have a good command.

 Try to get a basic knowledge of all the topics rather mugging up selected question.

 The Leading case laws make a substantial portion of questions which are frequently asked in the exam. It’s good to read the legal magazine on daily basis for this.

One of the most important point to maintain news and information on regular basic date wise relating to international treaties, UNO and allied organization, Important days and dates, recently held award, latest development in the field of science, telecommunication, space etc. this knowledge will help one to do more good in clearing judiciary exam.


At last, it is concluded that one must need to prepare very thoroughly for the judicial exam. It requires deep study related to law, general knowledge, reasoning, etc. One can refer to competitive books and can approach the institute’s which offers guidance for competitive exams.

Edited By: Rachit Mehrotra


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