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Justice for Divya: Criminal himself is responsible for his crime and not the community


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What happened to Divya is heart-breaking. No living being deserves such inhumane treatment. What happened in Kathua rape case, Muzaffarnagar Rape Case, rape and murder of a female college student in Delhi, 2012, Madarsha Rape Case is as inhumane as any other rape cases.

Here is the story to the current circumstances of our society. A body of a girl, soaked in blood, was found in the city-side of hazzarpur. People reached as they received the massage and in no time there was a huge to crowd to help and investigate the matter but name of the girl was unknown. She has never been seen in the city before the incident. Policeman, politician, journalist and the mass sympathetic for her came in huge number to march for justice until someone revealed her name. Her name was Arisha. She worked in Temple. One morning, She has to go early for cleaning the Temple. While coming back early at 4 in the morning, she was raped, smashed, beaten to death by some group of men. Later, it was found that the girl was of Muslim community and accused were of Hindu Community. Some Hindu nationalist called this inhumane act was in response to Love Jihad. This led to a huge clash between the two community. One followed by another and ignited the age-old conflict between the community.

Later, it was found that Arisha was a Hindu turned Muslim and raped and killed to death by a group of Hindu and Muslim. They committed heinous act irrespective of their caste, religion or their philosophical differences.

More heinous to their act was hatred between the community which led to several other rape and loss of hundreds of life. Riots in Hazzarpur stopped subsequently. Arisha, which means peace, brought it after her brutal death.

Criminal is itself responsible for their heinous crime and not the community. Rape is the cause we should stand for. Who committed it in the face of community is irrelevant.

By Amaresh Patel


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