5 Important Tips For Winning A Court Case

Lawyers often find it difficult to argue before uncompromising Bench. Sometime, even a prudent argument slay in vain. Therefore, keeping in mind of the problems faced by new advocates we have compiled a list of top five court tips that helps you to win the case easily.


Honesty is best policy. But, does it helps in persuading a Bench?

Yes, honesty is the only tool that can enrich your arguments. Give a flawless experience and build your reputation in long run. In the contemporary world of high competition twist and turns has become a swift pattern to bring out short term gain and wrong order. Believe me, such order gained with techniques of twist and turn, yield no profit in long run. Your case may lose it essence in upper court. That is why, be honest and to the point. This is the only tool to win an argument.

2. Stand Alone. Stand High.

Don’t become part of foolish crowd. There is difference between crown and crowd. If you are looking for crown, motive the crown but never become part of it. Address the court in a formal manner and keep courtesy when connecting with other people in the court room.

3. Stay connected with your team

You don’t need golden mines to get a good team. Be nice and gentle. Work hard and work original. Keep your attitude aside when working with senior. Always try to focus on solution rather than focusing on impossibilities. If you are communicating with your lawyer properly and work as a team then the effectiveness of the presentation by the lawyer will automatically increase.


A court is a place where the amount of stress is large especially when we stand before a judge or a jury even if you are experienced in it. Being judged is an uncomfortable feeling. When you display calm and confidence, it helps the people judging you believe in your case as well. So aways being confident

5. Manage your deal

Bench knows nothing unless you give a reflection of it. they deal with hundreds of case on daily basis and they don’t have time to deal irrelevant arguments. Make your argument nice and clear. Before you come to judge, judge yourself. If you find any ambiguity, prepare it twice and thrice. Always remember, the Bench have already judged you through the level of confidence in you. Stand clear on your point to make them bend their decision in your favour.

You are advocate, only you are responsible for your deal.

Want to take the risk out of the trial? Settle your case for a reasonable amount. Mediating your dispute in a private, confidential setting is a great way to ensure that you don’t walk away with anything.


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