Legal Shorts; SC: Article 21, 32 and 226- Human dignity – Prison reforms – Sincere and effective implementation – Philosophy that should drive.

Prisoners like all human beings, held, deserve to be treated with dignity – Double handicap of prisoners and problem of overcrowding of prisons- Most prisoners belong to weaker sections – Their voices are inaudible – They cannot take recourse to legal remedies for their release – Thus prison reforms should be sincerely and effectively implemented. Inhuman Conditions In 1382 Prisons.

Citation:  *(2016) 3 SCC 700: (2016) 2 SCC (Cri) 170.

Bench Strength: 2

Whether opinion of third person under s. 45 of Indian Evidence Act is binding on the Court?

Madan B. Lokur and R.K. Agrawal, JJ.

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