Get your book Published with us at Almost No Cost

A warm greeting to everyone,

We’ve often heard of the financial restraint in publishing a book. We’ve seen dying of the dreams and forcefully changing it into another due to financial restraint or low royalty. Keeping in mind of your aspiration and craving writer inside you, we’ve introduced ‘Express Yourself Project’ with our associate partner Turquoise Publication, to give wings to your dreams.

Now write a book and leave rest of the business with us.

We have introduced a price which no publishing house dare to think of. Don’t believe me. Check it yourself.

We understand that you don’t want to risk high price on your new book. We understand, even if you publish, you don’t appreciate self-publishing ideas. There is something which you miss even after publishing through self-publishing media.

Here we are introducing something better than traditional publishers and something worth than self-publishing.

Write a good book and let the market give a better response.

You can publish a book with us at just 2 rupees per page which include editing, marketing, publishing, distributing, and review in media (subject to limit).

Don’t Worry. We’ll take all risk, from here, if your book exceeds 20 sells.

Just Give your Dreams a way. We are there to help you achieve it.

Click Here to grab your deal.

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