Killing of Democracy: Venezuela Crisis

Vishad Srivastava, B.A. LL.B. (H), Amity University

Venezuela officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the country which located on the coast of South America is now going through a drastic political change which is direct war between government supporters and anti government supporters. Moreover in this filthy game of throne there is a death of true philosophy of Socialism which many of us are unable to understand, talking with respect to our country many parties who showcase socialism as their party base have also forgotten it’s real meaning and concept. Venezuela is also going to same crisis where completely new National Assembly has been formed to rewrite their country constitution. Let’s see the complete transformation  of peace from  Venezuela to the blood stain of democracy.

The story begins from the election of 1998 where Hugo Chavez was elected as President from the United Socialist Party where he does many reforms  and thereby got elected once again in the year 2001.The story changes in the following year when he introduced new board of directors in oil monopoly business which was against the executives of the company and public response was also worse against this policy as a result Trade Union and business association protested against this decision.  In the year 2002 there was clash between the supporters and  anti supporters which  resulted  in 190 people’s killing and military command rebels and asked for resignation of Chavez otherwise they will coup. In the same year armed forces head said Chavez had resigned and he has been taken into military custody as soon as the announcement was done a new government formed by the opposition party members with the collaboration of those who are working in government. After the 2 days  Chavez escapes out from the custody and retain the office after the collapse  of  interim government and from then  many protest were held by oil companies as a  result the state suffers  oil shortage for few months. Opposition signed deal with Organisation of American States to frameout the work for referendum. Although idea of referendum was from all the anti government elements which includes people from government side also. Within the next 2 month opposition referendum petition got more than 3 million signatures which instills the opposition with  security of people support but soon it all quashed as they submitted the petition with electoral board and it got rejected as it was not meeting some technical issues or the procedural issues. After this attempt  were made to remove him, many referendum has been take but nothing came out to be successful. Moreover a governmental referendum was taken whether he should complete his tenure or not and surprisingly he won which shocked complete nation. Meanwhile many riots took place during this period  between government supports who are known as Chavistas and other party was one who want to see  the end of the government. After this President government run smoothly in his tenure period he signed many deals with neighboring countries as he provided them oil at cheaper rates. Many diplomatic channels begin with the use of  cheaper rate oil, he took reform in country’s land law and begin the nationalization drive. In 2008 Venezuela and Columbia relations got distorted and faced huge diplomatic crisis where it reached to such extent that Columbia army got inside the borders of Venezuela and cross firing took place between the two countries which resulted in heavy death toll of soldiers. This was the remarkable point for the downfall of the government as after this country faces the economic crisis which shrank the national income nearly 5%. After this many functional improper decision has been made by the government. In 2012 Chavez won again but this time with slight majority or in other words he has completely lost it’s majority in the national assembly.

In April 2013 President Chavez died,  Nicolas Maduro also the member of United Socialist Party elected as President on promise to continue Mr. Chavez policies  but Mr Maduro has not been able to inspire Chavistas in the same way his predecessor did. His government has furthermore been hampered by falling oil prices.  Oil accounts for about 95% of Venezuela’s export revenues and was used to finance some of the government’s generous social programmes which, according to official figures, have provided more than one million poor Venezuelans with homes.The lack of oil revenue has forced the government to curtail its social programmes, leading to an erosion of support among its core backers.

What Triggered to the blaze in the State

In February 2016 many  irrelevant decision taken by President for example currency devaluation and hiking in the price of petrol  which was raisen  and this all leads to the protest against the government . These protest agaiated the demand for the removal of President. The twist were held on March 29 where Supreme Court dissolved the National Assembly where the opposition dissolved and then now coming to present time completely newly elected 545 legislative members who will now rewrite the new constitution and till then the constituition is not framed up all the members have full power which are not limited to any jurisdiction.

Now Venezuela has completely transformed it’s  political structure where the country who would celebrate 150 years of independence but have to now draft a complete new situation. The power of legislators are unlimited which will therefore lead to a new form of dictatorship and most importantly this constitution will be drafted from the narrower perspective of few like minded people who will sort to enshrine their ideologies their party ideology which is a type of killing of democracy,even Pakistan has made it’s constitution 3 times but that is still respectable condition. This kind of gesture is the signal that phase is changing the government needs to understand the public opinion and work in favour for them otherwise people are there in politics who can go at any level and for them even democracy did not count as much as the power. Venezuela has also shown that nepotism in the form of single party ruling is also harmful. This event has given a lesson to the world that to save it’s democracy as people are going to as down hell as possible for the sake of power.



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