Legal Shorts: SC: Misconduct explained, Advocates Act 1961:

Misconduct itself is a sufficiently wide expression; it is not necessary for instance that it should involve moral turpitude.The court has a right to expect a higher standard of loyalty to the court under co-operation from those who practice profession of law.Any conduct, which in any way, renders a man unfit for the exercise of his profession or is likely to hamper or embarrass the administration of justice by the high court or any of the courts subordinate thereto may be considered to be misconduct calling for disciplinary action.what court has to consider in all these cases is the conduct of the advocate (attorney) as it affects its position of an advocate (attorney) and his relation to the court.

Bapurao PakhiddeyVsSuman Dondey.

(1999)2 SCC 442: AIR 1999 SC 916
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