Short-listed Authors for “100 Landmark Judgment Series”

Congratulations, to the short-listed authors for “100 Landmark Judgment Series”. It wasn’t easy process to select the best one out based only on CV and the previous works. No worries, for the one who left out. We have another opportunity for you. kindly check your mail.

For the one who selected, Please send us your contact number as well as WhatsApp number so that we may start the process.

We will launch this “100 landmark Judgment Series” on 1st january, 2k18, and hope this will be enough time to complete the book.

Each author will get free copy of the book and an opportunity to attend seminars and conferances organised by Into Legal World at free of cost.

For those who want to apply afresh, Please send your CV and action plan on

Action Plan shall consist of how you are going to work on the book and whether you are already a published author.

Again, congratulations to short-listed authors.

We’ll contact you within 3-5 working days.

Aratrika Roy

Vibha Singh

Anjali Dixit

Nidhi Chandra

Ayush Singh

Hemkant Chaudhary

Gaurav Singh

Indresh Singh

Shashank Ranjan

Varun Kumar


Ritoban Sarkar

A.Ravi Shankar

Aratrika Roy

Adv. Nachiket M. Patil

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