Written By: Shajeeda Tajdeen

Kerala as a State has always made the country feel its presence and whenever given a chance it has made the nation feel proud of its existence to be it by acquiring

The highest literacy rate in the country or by having the best sex ratio in the country Kerala has always proved its excellence.

Once again Kerala as a State has taken a step forward and has thought of uplifting the litigation profession. In order, to boost the morale of the young advocates and lawyers the Government of Kerala has sanctioned a fixed stipend for junior lawyers. This is an initiative which not only boosts the self-confidence of the budding advocates but will also help them in stabilising their financial status. As per the new notification of the Government of Kerala lawyers below the age of 30 years and who have past of practising of fewer than three years and whose annual income is less than one lakh rupees are legally legible for this stipend. All the junior lawyers who fall within the above category are entitled to receive rupees 5,000 on monthly basis as a stipend.

The amount of the stipend shall be given away from the Kerala Advocates Welfare Fund which is constituted under the Kerala Advocates Welfare Fund Act 1980. The provisions of Section 9, of the Act, permits the Trustee Committee to grant stipends to junior lawyers who possess the above-mentioned requirements as such rates as notified and approved by the Government.
The sanction for this move was sought by the Advocate General who enjoys the status of the ex-officio chairman of the trustee committee. Subsequently, the Government attached its consent to this scheme and issued an order dated 09/03/2018 (Friday).

The junior lawyers or advocates who wish to avail the benefits of this scheme are required to submit an application in the prescribed form through the Bar Council from where they have acquired their membership.  Apart from this, the junior lawyers are also under an obligation to submit their certificate periodically every three months, wherein his/her senior advocate (having not less than 15 years of practice) or the respective Bar Association shall state that the concerned junior lawyer is still actively practising law.

The said movement of the Government of Kerala will definitely bring a ray of happiness and along with this, it will also motivate the young lawyers to enjoy and love their work. This move basically is the much-needed step in the litigation industry.

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