Written By: Rajan Mishra

Today in India, speedy trial is a demand or I would rather say is need of the hour. Everyone who has ever been part or victim of Indian Judicial system knows how much the delay in our system has hurt. Although alternatives such as ADR are a very good thing to go for it is an alternative which cannot be used for criminal cases. If anyone has been the biggest victim of this system, it is our prisoners, the prisoners who are innocent and are on trial. The prisoners who are detained for a time period for a crime much longer time period than the time mentioned in the law of imprisonment of that offense. The prisoners get their lives, carriers, jobs everything destroyed because of such slow trial which goes on and on in Indian courts. This lack of speedy trial has not only been the reason for such problems in innocent prisoner’s life but it also has been one of the reasons why people bribe to get themselves out of any such type of long trials. And today in India about more than And today in India about more than 67.5% prisoners which are 2,45,222, are under trial and Indian jails are overly crowded with a national average of 115%. So any layman will very easily guess that if we make our trials faster then we will be able to reduce the number of prisoners in jail and the load on the system will reduce and less number of persons in jail will directly mean less number of human rights violation which also is a very big issue in front of innocent prisoners Undertrial. These long drives snatching the golden opportunities from many people. The prisoner who is not guilty but is kept in jail get their carriers public image social status everything destroyed just because of the late trials being done. Prisoners face in humanitarian behavior in jails. They are mentally harassed, physically tortured, economically exploited and even sexually abused in jail. Due to such delay in trials, the jails are overcrowded which results in mixing of criminals and under trial prisoners, without any fault when someone is locked in a jail he or she gets frustrated from the system and also get from the person with whom he or she is spending time in jail. The problem gets worse for female prisoners. These prisoners also economically exploited mentally harassed physically tortured but these women are sexually harassed too. There have been several cases in which these women have been offered bail in return for sexual favors. These female prisoners, due to such late trial get irritated and in order to escape these places except offers from people who get the bill and after that many of such businesses are made to enter prostitution. If speedy trials are done then it will solve many problems such as-

It will solve the problem of overcrowded jails (2,45,222) under trial prisoners.

It will save thousands of innocent prisoners who are a victim of such slow system.

It will reduce corruption done in order to escape such trials and long procedures.

The greatest relief will be that there will be less human rights violation in Indian prisons.

So to conclude I would say that speedy trials should be encouraged and orders given by the Indian courts regarding speedy trials should be strictly acted upon.These trials will not only give innocent prisoners a second chance but also help to restore the reducing faith of people in our judicial system.

Edited By: Rachit Mehrotra

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