1.Lalita Kumari v. State of UP: FIR mandatory in cognizable cases

2.Mohd. Ahmad Khan v. Shah Bano Begum: Section 125 of CrPC Secular

3.D.K. Basu v. State of Bengal: SC guidelines relating to rights of the arrested person

4.Nilabati Bahera v. State of Orissa: Compensation in case of unlawful arrest and detention

5.Sheela Barse v. State of Maharashtra: Rights of women relating to arrest

6.Joginder Kumar v. State of UP: SC guidelines relating to rights of the arrested person

7.Chanmuniya v. Virendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha: Right of maintenance in Live-in-

8.Shiv Shankar Singh v. State of Bihar: Filing of Multiple FIR

9.Satya Pal Singh v. State of MP: Father of deceased victim has right to appeal

10.State of UP v. Singhara Singh: Section 164 by necessary implication prohibits the
magistrate from giving oral evidence of the confession made to him

11.State of Madhya Pradesh v. Rustum: Computation of period of 60/90 Days u/s 167 of

12.CBI v. Anupam J. Kulkarni: Police Remand can not exceed 15 Days

13.Mubarak Ali v. State of Bombay: Offence triable where the act is done

14.Shakuntala Devi v. State of U.P.: Availability of Civil Remedy does not bar filing of a case
u/s 200 of CrPC

15.Dina Nath v. Emperor: No summary trial in serious or complicated cases

16.Surendra Singh v. State of UP: Where a Judge who wrote the Judgment dies before it was
delivered or pronounced, another Judge can not deliver it

17.Naresh v. State of UP: Alteration of Conviction u/s 302 IPC to one u/s 304 IPC by HC is not
justified u/s 362 of CrPC

18.Ashok Kumar v. UOI: Constitutional validity of Section 433-A of CrPC

19.Rasiklal v. Kishore Khanchand Wadhwani: Right to bail u/s 436 in bailable offences is an
absolute and indefeasible right

20.Gurbaksh Singh Sibbia v. State of Punjab: SC guidelines relating to anticipatory bail

21.Jagdish Ram v. State of Rajasthan: Quashing of FIR on account of delay

22.State of MP v. Madan Lal: No compromise in Rape cases

23.Manohar Singh v. State of Rajasthan: Compensation to victim of Crime

24.S.R. Sukumar v. Sunnad Raghuram: Amendment in complaint can be done

25.Siddaharth Vashisht v. State(NCT of Delhi): Cryptic Telephonic Message of a cognizable
offence not to be treated as FIR..

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