Justice for Divya: A 3-year-daughter brutally raped and thrown to die

A heart -breaking event has been reported in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, which is called the heart of India. Here, an eight-year-old daughter was raped by a man named Imran (20).

The accused Imran Khan did not just misbehave with the innocent child who had studied in the third grade, but in order to harm his private part, he also put something like iron or wood in the private part of the child. Because of this, intestines of eight-year-old girl came out because of brutal attack on her private part. But Imran’s stubbornness did not end here. After this he also tried to shed the baby’s throat.


According to the information, the accused had taken the child with him by luring him to give sweets and took him to the bushes and raped her. After that, he left the girl there in a unconscious condition and escaped.


The police had also received liquor bottles from the girl’s school bag. It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, the girl, who was in a bad condition in the bushes, was admitted to Indore hospital immediately. Where doctors did three surgeries in the operation for two hours and saved the child’s life.


But because of the horrific accident that took place with him, the child who is full of panic is not able to speak anything. On the other hand, police took immediate action and arrested the accused Imran on Wednesday only. In the report of the police, he is being addicted to addiction.


On Wednesday night, when the news came to the people of Mandsaur city that the police was carrying Imran to the police control room, around 11.30 pm, hundreds of people gathered in front of the police control room. They all demanded that Imran, accused, be given to them. They demanded that they will themselves give him punishment. Due to the same resentment of the crowd, Shabnam Mansur, who was hearing the case, had to go to the police control room itself to forcibly hear the hearing. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also called in the hospital and talked to the doctors and the child’s movements. He said that the condition of the victim child is improving. The hearing of this case should be done soon and the accused should be hanged till he dies for a serious crime committed by him.


In this case, where the law has done its job, the Police has sent Imran to the remand till July 2.


Social Media Outrage on Divya Rape Case


Reported by

Amaresh Patel

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