Is Pati……..Parmeshwar?

In a country where women symbolized as goddess and worshiped, exist men who want women to drink water which is used for washing their feet. Act, invisible in criminal nature, is a visible example of crime against women.


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For the man who thinks they deserve a wife who shall clean their feet and drink the water used for washing his feet, you….., need to meet these women who have broken barriers and came out stronger than ever, and inspired many millennials to take a stand and speak up. And, you… you shall clean their feet instead and drink the residue water. I’m sure you’ll feel motivated  than ever and  able to lead your life in right path.

To quote a few amongst many, I would like to present example of India’s  Missile Woman, Dr. Tessy Thomas who is the first woman to lead a missile operation in India. Being a woman she faced several faces of life but her capabilities made her superior and not the gender. She received the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for her contribution for making India self-reliant in the field of missile technology.

Stay quiet, because this has been happening for thousands of years and may continue for many more. Or, speak up, even if you may not bring the change in the entire community, changing yourself may change entire nation.

One who thinks is superior not because of his capabilities but because he is born a man don’t deserve to be born at all. He is liability to mother Earth and shall be executed. He is the reason behind most of the gender specific crime. Lynching is good when it comes to execute such an undignified, inhumane man.

By Amaresh Patel

(The views in the article is personal and only author is responsible for the content of the post)

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