True Story of a Woman in Indian Jail

Memorizing a story published in Hindustan Times here I’m presenting before you, why this seminar on ‘Save Prisoners from Injustice’ is important through a real story revealed by the victim itself. Law professor Shamim Modi was arrested amid a string of tribal protests and taken to a prison in Madhya Pradesh’s Harda district, where a single room served as the women’s ward. As evening fell and the electricity snapped, large rats streamed into the hall.

The 46-year-old spent a sleepless night and woke up to find splotches of blood on the floor. Any complaining earned rebuke. “This is a jail madam, not a hotel,” she was told. The next day, she was eating her lunch of roti and dal, when the food started moving: Another rat attack.

The next 22 days passed in a haze of poor sanitation, little medical or psychological help and constant intimidation – she was moved to a bigger prison in Hoshangabad but was met with more hostile prison guards who she says invasively searched her.

Once, she remembers, she was taken to a room crawling with red ants and told tales of how unruly inmates would be locked up there with syrup slathered on them. Demands to see the prison manual, which details procedures and rights, were ignored.

On Day 23, she got bail, but those three weeks in 2009, she says, exposed her to a world she could not have imagined. “There is no contact with the outside world… there is often so much abuse that you don’t feel human, it can make you forget you ever had rights,” she says.

This is just one story taken from real incident revealed by prisoners itself from Hindustan Times. We’ll come with several stories to give you just a glimpse of life in prison.

Whether they are guilty or not is not the question any more. There is law and we are all submitted to the law of the land. Thus, we are all entitled for basic human rights no matter what situation we are in.

This is the day, we should decide, whether we are ready to follow the law, and if we are, then, what is happening in prison is certainly against the law and humanity at large.

All I appeal is that, those in prison shall be punished according to the law of the land and not outside it.

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