Need help to save the image of legal fraternity

A shmeful incident took place in the central university of south Bihar, Gaya on saturday 8th of september, 2018. Fight happende between students i.e. School of law and governance an M.A.Political science and international relation. A mob enterted into the class of 9th semester students of school of law and governance, and hit the students, abused class and girls were being molested by mob. Then soon after the incident proctor entered the 9th semester class of school of law and governance and without investigating the matter and listening us he being prejudiced make the whole class aqused and abused the whole legal faternity and said the whole law students criminal.

He said that – “Sara Internship, Moot Court, Aur iss Desh ka Law Andar Ghusa Denge. Iss Desh ka koi Law, koi kanoon, koi Court mera kuch nahi bigad sakta.” सारा इंटर्नशिप, सारा मूट कोर्ट और इस देश कासारा लॉ अंदर घुसा देंगे। इस देश का कोई भी लॉ, कोईकानून, कोई कोर्ट मेरा कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकता। (The Laws of India, Judicial System and Courts of the India cannot cause me any harm, even if I do so.) 

He also showed certain hand gestures which were obscene and no prudent man will do so in a class where girls are also sitting. He said that- “I don’t give a damn to the principle of Natural Justice and no one can remove me from my post.” He said that the Law Students of the University need to be taught a lesson and they are overly smart.

He also put certain allegations on the law students that they commit illegal activities. We  are on strike for the removal of chief proctor “kaushal Kishore” from his post of proctor. As he used unparlimentary language and he is baised.

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