by Vishad Srivastava

27 October 2018:

Guests, Winners & Volunteers at the Seminar

“A nation does not become great by how it treats its elite class citizens, but it becomes great when it treats its prisoners in a respective manner.” Keeping these words of Nelson Mandela in mind, Into Legal World, a reputed legal firm, successfully conducted its 2nd National Seminar on the topic ‘Save Prisoners from Injustice’. This is a unique topic that allowed academicians, jurists and students to understand and discuss the plight of prisoners

This Seminar included papers presentated on this topic and was attended by various academicians and jurists from all over India who debated on this critical issue

In the present era where the common people do not think about this problem and often overlook the miserable conditions of our prisoners, the team of Into Legal World in association  with the Institute of Legal Studies of Sri Ram Swaroop University with sponsorship with HSJ and under the leadership of Into Legal World’s Founder Director, Mr. Amaresh and Executive Director, Ms. Richa Shukla successfully organized the meeting of intellectual minds for an all-day session at Sri Ram Swaroop Memorial University on 27th October, 2018.

The event was graced by Hon’ble Law Minister of U.P. who applauded SRMU and Into Legal World for taking up this vital issue. He was also keen to help all those under-trial prisoners whose cases are still pending while they have been unnecessarily in prison. In fact, a list of cases will be submitted to him so that he can do the needful. Such a gesture by a Minister makes us believe in humanity and that good people make politics strong.

This event became more auspicious with the benign presence of Hon’ble U.P Cabinet Minister of Family and Child Welfare and Tourism, Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi who threw light upon the delays in trials of prisoners of  petty offences and the bad conditions of the progeny that are born in jails. Her humanitarian and knowledgeable words added more meaning to the discussions at the Seminar.

Ms. Richa Shukla with Prof. Meera Singh

Many honorable guests attended this seminar on a sensitive topic of our times. Amongst these were Judge S.S. Upadhyay, Legal Advisor to Governor, U.P. who with his immense knowledge gave a detailed analysis of the situation and offered a different perspective on this issue. Along with him was Justice Rang Nath Pandey (High Court, Allahabad, Lucknow Bench), Justice V.K. Tyagi (High Court, Allahabad, Lucknow Bench), Prof. S.K. Bhatnagar (VC, Dr. RMLNLU), Prof. (Dr.) Meera Singh (Head, Entrepreneurship Cell, Amity University, Lucknow), Ex. IAS Officer, Diwakar Tripathi, Adv. Shiv Prakash Mishra ‘Senani’, who shared information about the plight of Under-trials that have in fact finished their prescribed punishment and been granted bail, but due to insufficient money, are unable to get out of prisons.

Over 50 students presented their papers and nearly 150 submitted their research papers online.

Amongst these, Sakshi Tiwari became the best presenter and got the First Position trophy as well as a Rs.10,000 award. First runner up was Disha Dheeman, who also got a trophy and Rs.10,000. The same prize was awarded to the second runner up Anwesh Ghosh. The top 5 researchers will receive certificates and cash of Rs. 2000 by last week of November, 2018.

Book Launching

Along with these presentations, 2 legal books were also launched in the presence of Hon’ble Minister Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi. These books were “Legal Notes on Law of Evidence” by Advocate Prakash Pandey and “An Introspection into Corporate Criminal Liability in India” by Anwesha Ghosh.

Anwesha Ghosh with her book with Justice Rang Nath Pandey

This event does not end with this seminar but is the first step leading to an improvement in the status and basic human rights of prisoners in the country. It will be followed by filing of PILs by Sui Juris Law Firms through compilation of all the research articles received in this seminar and hopefully help bring true justice to all the under-trials who are facing unnecessary problems due to maladministration and various other constraints. The event ended on a positive note and the feeling that each and every prisoner is not a hardened criminal and must not be treated as such. The students greatly benefited from the discussion and the sharing of thoughts with eminent legal minds of these days and will hopefully keep the salient points in their psyche as they pursue their future careers in law.

Some of the Highlights of the Seminar:

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