Nisar, who was declared innocent after spending 23 years in jail, said, “Now, I am a living dead man”

Nisar ud Din Ahmed was arrested on January 15, 1994, one year after the disputed structure was dropped in Ayodhya. Nissar, living in Gulberg, Karnataka, was caught in connection with the bomb blasts on the first anniversary of demolition of the Babri Masjid. Two people were killed and 8 were injured in the bomb blasts. In this case, the court had summoned Nissar for life imprisonment. He was in jail for 23 years, but 17 days ago the Supreme Court released Nissar and the other two young men arrested with him.

When Nissar from Jaipur jail came out, he saw his elder brother Zaheer ud Din Ahmed waiting for him. In an interview with the Indian Express, Nissar said, “For the moment I forgot that I am free.

Nissar said that when he was put in jail, he was 20 years old. Today he is 43 years old. Before going to jail, when he saw his younger sister, he was 12 years old and now his daughter is 12 years old. Nissar said, “I spent 8,150 days in jail for the most important days of my life. Life is over for me. What you see is a living corpse. ‘

Nissar spent the first night in a hotel after leaving the jail He says, “I could not sleep. There was a bed in the room. For so many years, I slept on a blanket on the ground. ‘

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