The Statue Fails to Create an Impact for What Sardar Patel was Known for

Vallabhbhai Patel, who is popularly known by the name of Sardar Patel, is known for his leadership and his strength and tactics in uniting more than 550 princely state without which it would have been impossible to realize India as a country. He was respected  for the decision he made and honoured for this firm view on the matter concerned with citizen of India. It was under his leadership a chapter in Constitution named Fundamental Right was drafted and his clear view on freedom of speech and expression gave a way for freedom of press. He was certainly not known for his personality of physical existence. He was never a show-off person. My problem is not with that of money spent in building such a grand statute. The main problem with the statue of Sardar Patel is that it looks like an enlargement of a passport size picture and thus fails to create an impact for what he was known for. I hope it was not made just to mimic a photograph to which we are anyway familiar with.

If we look at the statue of liberty with the torch held up in the air, it conveys the thrill of freedom. A Gandhi statue with his long stride and the walking stick conveys motion — depicting the movement that brought us Independence.

A statue of Mother Teresa shows the love and care in her face for the orphan child in her arms.

An Ambedkar statue with a finger pointing the direction we are headed with India’s progressive constitution in his other hand pays homage to the person who headed its writing. A meditating Buddha statue fills us with peace and tranquility.

The 50 inch statue of the Fearless Girl in front of the Charging Bull on Wall Street may be tiny but shows the power of women.

The problem with me is not just with thousands of crores of public money wasted in making a grand statute. But it was a formality.

What difference it would have made if the statute symbolizes unity?

After and before independence, Sardar Patel was face behind unity of nation. He was an advocate who is well known for fighting for the rights for adivassis and farmers. However, on the contrary, Sardar Sarovar, is one of the world largest dam, well known for displacing adivasis and farmers. Not to blame electrol party, but the Government itself who didn’t gave a damn about the rights of farmers and adivasis. Even after huge protest, most of the uprooted adivasis and farmers have no place to live, hundreds and thousands of them died in struggle for their right.

The grand tallest statute of the world, the Statute of Unity, the Statue of Sardar Patel, would have been really the tallest and would have been respected the most if it would have paid a true homage to the people displaced and never rehabilitated, those who died in process, and to those who is still looking for justice.

The statue for record is surely the tallest, but unrespected, signifying a token of formality.

by Amaresh Patel

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