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Do and Don’t for Ramrajya: Case 1

Do and Don’t for Ramrajya: Case 1

Do ad don’t will be a series of post suggesting transparent and welfare state as Ramrajya and corrupt practices as Ravanrajya. All the ‘do(s)s and don’t(s)’will be based on the judgment of High Court and Supreme Court. Initially, the story line will follow Uttar Pradesh as its prime question, than will move to all other respective states who have followed concept of Ramrajya. However, the story is equally symbolic for all other states. The word Ramrajya has been adopted from recent pointless discussion over the media panel and misconceptualising the core of Ramrajya.

Do(s) Case 1: Have CCTV Cameras Been Installed In Police Stations? Allahabad HC Asks State

Justice AR Masoodi demanded information in this regard in order to ascertain the manner in which police officials are dealing with public grievances.

The order was passed on a habeas corpus petition filed by one Rishi Kapoor, on behalf of his mother, Sudha Kapoor, alleging that the latter was illegally detained at the Aashiyana police station. His petition has demanded that she be produced before the court and be further set at liberty.

Don’t(s) Case 1: Illegal Detention and torture

Illegal detention and torture is certainly immoral in Ramrajya and unconstitutional in contemporary India. The State shall take responsibility of such action from its delegated departments and put an end to this at once.