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About Organisation

     Parivritt Enterprises Ptv Ltd is leading educational service provider in India. Into Legal World and Self Learning Education is a brain-child of Parivritt Enterprises Ptv Ltd. Parivritt Enterprises Ptv Ltd has spread the branches of Into Legal World into Online Legal News Portal, Publishing House, Online Certification Courses, Book Store, Career Counselling, Tutorial Mobile Application and it’s another subsidiary, i.e, Self Learning Education looking forward to launch coaching classes for students of 6-10th based on VR effect and PCS (J) and CLAT for Law Students all over in India. 

Into Legal World and Self Learning Education are two separate branches of Parivritt Enterprises Ptv Ltd, committed to make learning simple through its innovative tools.

      Into Legal World Publication is a platform to share knowledge to the world.

         We have a special focus on law books that meet the needs of students and help them develop a functional appreciation of application of law. We pride ourselves in our constant efforts to explore new important topics, and to update and improve our present work in its content, presentation and relevancy.

      We also offer legal works for the layperson, to enable better understanding of the law, procedures and applications. These books, penned by experts in a simple-yet-comprehensive manner, are a significant value-addition for people from non-legal backgrounds. We are actively working to expand this range.

    Our consistency in content, quality for value as well commitment to constant improvement, has helped create faith, admiration and loyalty from law students, practitioners and academicians.

      Books are source of knowledge and wisdom since ancient times, and we are proud to be in the noble profession of publishing books. We continuously update our books so that we make latest information available to law students and academicians. Our books are according to the syllabus of the most renowned universities and are accepted all over the country. The firm regularly participates in seminars, book fairs (Indian and International), student conferences and annual days, and it also takes feedback of students and academicians for improvement in quality of books and understand their needs.

     Also, to encourage the new writers, we actively sponsor Law Events and offer, guide and motivate the winners of the competition to publish their book with us at no cost.

      We also offer self-publishing services to the new author for publishing their books at the lowest cost possible so that legal knowledge shall have no boundaries.

About Project

    Into Legal World Publication’ is launching “The 100 landmark Judgment Series” wherein we are compiling 100 landmark judgment from Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Contract, The Criminal Procedure code, The Evidence Act, Family Law, International Law, and The Law of Tort in distinct books collectively constructing the series.

The backbone of the idea of publishing a series which has the compilation of 100 landmark judgement from each subject(covered under judiciary examination) in the form of book, is the immense appreciation from Hon’ble Judges, professors, advocates and other legal professionals who agreed with the fact, that such a series is missing and requisite for entire legal fraternity.

We have taken the responsibility, which involves creating a team of editors, authors and contributing authors.

About 8 judges have given their approval for forwarding the books, 3 HOD’S and 20 Professors have registered for the post of editor, and there is a list of nearly 55 registered fellows for the other two posts.

Aims and Objective

       Judgments apart from serving as a source of law, also build the understanding of its applicability of law. Considering the importance of precedents, from various direction in the illimitable and ever-evolving field of law, is indispensable. The idea is to analyse and compile all the leading judgments from each field of law in the form of a book.

Each book will be a compilation of 100 Landmark Judgments for the purpose of easy and hassle free access to entire concept of respective discipline. Selection of the 100 judgments shall emphasize on entire syllabus of competitive exams such as PCS (J), LLM, AIBE (All India Bar Examination) and other exams so as to come up with a quick go-through series which may digest entire syllabus.

Each Judgment will be critically analysed by professionals, Hon’ble Judges, Advocates, and Professor for reflecting valuable concepts underling those judgment.

Series of 100 Landmark Judgment Series shall be ideal for Law Students, Advocates, Professors, Judges, and anyone having quest for law.

“Into Legal World Publication is hiring Campus Ambassador for Promotion of upcoming Book Series”

Role and Responsibilities of Campus Ambassador:

  • Influencing other fellow college students about our product
  • Creating a brand impression about our product
  • Converting registrations for our site
  • Brand Building and Marketing
  • Legal Awareness and Legal Aid
  • Legal Advice and Legal News
  • Reporting of Legal Events in-campus.

Rewards and Incentives:

  • Candidates can earn stipend based on their performance
  • Candidates will get one year experience certificate
  • A set of “100 Landmark Judgment Series”
  • All the competition organised by “Into Legal World” will be free for Campus Ambassador.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Candidates will learn following things:
  • Affiliate management & marketing
  • Leadership
  • Professional Ethics
  • Event planning
  • Management Skills

Selection procedure:

Interested candidates should send their CV at Further, a telephonic interview round will decide their selection.


 For any Question and Queries feel free to contact us at :- or call us at 8896991101/7054644911

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