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Legal Shorts: SC:Advocate community to maintain might and dignity of the institution administrating justice.

The central function of the legal profession is to promote the administration of justice. For this purpose Bar council of India has framed rules of standard of professional conduct and Etiquette, which also bestow upon the advocate community to maintain the might and dignity of institutions administrating justice. Case: Vineeth …

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Legal Shorts: SC:Refusal to quash cheating case is proper, as intention to cheat is clear.

S.482 Cr.P.C. – High Court declining to quash complaint and summons issued under Ss. 417, 418 and 420 r/w S. 120-B IPC regarding inducement to compromise cheque dishonor cases on as many as 33 cheque and to withdraw proceedings under S. 482 of CrPC assuring respondent/ complaint that they had …

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Legal Shorts: SC:Transfer of Matrimonial case ordered – S. 406 Cr.P.C.

Aggrieved wife initiating two separate proceedings against husband under separate laws in two different courts in Delhi and Mumbai- Considering nature of allegations and convenience to parties, transfer of case to Delhi ordered- Constitution of India, Article 136 . Case: Pritam Ashok Sadaphule Vs. State of Maharashtra. Citation: (2015) 11 …

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Legal Shorts: SC: Submission of body under fear of terror does not amount to “Consent”.

“Consent”, Ss.375 & 376 IPC. – Consent for the purpose of Section 375 requires voluntary participation not only after the exercise of intelligence based on the knowledge of the significance and moral quality of the act but after having fully exercised the choice between resistance and assent. Whether there was …

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