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Whether a Coparcener can Sale or Mortgage the property in undivided Coparcenary Interest

Sale or Mortgage of undivided interest in Bombay, madras and Madhya Pradesh According to Mitakshara law as administered in Bombay and Masrass states, c coparcener may sell, mortgage, or otherwise alienate for value, his undivided interest in coparcenary property without the consent of the other coparceners.[1] Where the sale was …

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Points of distinction between the Mitakshara and Dayabhaga systems of inheritance

The following are the main points of distinction between the Mitakshara and dayabhaga systems of inheritance: The Bengal school divides heirs into three classes, namely: (1) Sapindas; (2) Sakulyas; and (3) Samanodakas. The Sapindas of Bengal school are the sapindas of the Mitakshara school within four degrees only, plus bandhus …

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