Investment Model

Strength of Project

The backbone of the idea of publishing a series which has the compilation of 100 landmark judgement from each subject(covered under judiciary examination) in the form of book, is the immense appreciation from Hon’ble Judges, professors, advocates and other legal professionals who agreed with the fact, that such a series is not just missing and also requisite for entire legal fraternity.

Eight Judges have given their approval for forwarding the books, 3 HODs and 20 Professors have registered for the post of Editor, and there is a list of nearly 150 registered fellows for the other posts.

The project “100 Landmark Judgment Series” is honoured and supported by Hon’ble Brajesh Pathak, Law Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

The project is unique in its kind and have great market strength due to non-availability of such a product till date.

Market Strength

Pre-Order of the Book will be opened by April 15, 2018 before the release of the book.

Higher the number of Pre-Order, greater the possibility of profitable business.


Investment Scheme

We encourage investment through two different investment model.

No Risk Model

Investment made through “No Risk Model” are not subject to market risk and the investor can claim principle amount irrespective of the probabilities in market.

  • Minimum Investment (Student) – 5, 000/-₹
  • Minimum Investment (Professionals) – 10, 000/-₹

High Earning Model

High Earning Model is for enthusiastic investor who wants to yield high profit and have firm believe in the project. The investment under this model is subject to market risk.

Investor can claim 20% of the principle amount for the investment under 50 k and 20 % of the profit for the investment above 50K in respect to their principle amount.

  • Minimum Investment (Student)- 1000₹
  • Minimum Investment (Professionals) – 5000₹

Profit with principle amount will be released in the month of July.

(Investment scheme is subject to market risk)

Transparency and Accountability

The support and believe of each investor would be taken profoundly and henceforth with due respect to their interest, each contributor would be given recognition as “Investor” on the website of “Into Legal World” along with their photo and other details.

Each investor may seek all the updates and growth of the project on the “Investor Page” of the website.


Investor interested in the project may invest under following schemes through online transfer of invest amount.

  • No Risk Investment
  • High Earning Model


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