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There is an adage that “Law is a jealous mistress” and there is no room in it for the laziness and mediocrity. Lloyd Law College is a learning-centric academic community committed to excellent legal education. We create intellectually stimulating environment that helps students develop through case analysis, hone their writing, argumentation and think broadly and critically about legal problems as well as its solutions for it. As we lead the way in legal professional education, the onus is on us to show the way. Keeping all this in mind, Lloyd law College proudly announces the Job Fest, 2018 to be held at its campus in Greater Noida, U.P. Internship and Placement Cell of Lloyd Law College is pleased to invite you to participate in biggest Job Fest for the first time in India, which is to be from 07th _ 08th April, 2018 at Law College Campus. It provides a huge platform to all young minds pursuing law and give equal opportunity to every law student from across the country to attend this inspiring fest. This grand event is being organized to facilitate both Recruiters and Students. The emphasis would be on law graduates enrolled in the final year L.L.B., BA.LLB. & L.L.M. programs, including 2017 pass out students all over the country. This career expo provides a single location for students to meet employers. It gives companies as well as jobseekers the opportunity to meet face to face without having to book any appointments. It also allows making effective use of time by meeting large number of people at same place in less time. This is also an opportunity for companies to screen a large volume of potential job candidates and make students aware of their expectations from them and also answer their potential questions regarding job. This event is one of its kind, open to all law graduates irrespective of government or private law school. Recruiters are encouraged to come and join the fest as they would have access to the best Trainee/ Associates. It would be an excellent tool for setting network with recruiters, as well as with your fellow applicants and share information about job leads, companies, and their recruiting strategies. There may also be professional organizations or employment agencies at the job fest, which are also good sources for networking. Lloyd is giving an opportunity to make a good impression to the potential coworkers by speaking face-to-face with one another, filling out resumes, and asking questions in attempt to get a good feel on the work needed whereafter, they can get chance to get recruited by different companies or other organization. We look forward to have you all at our Campus for the Job Fest 2018.


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