Save Prisoners From Injustice

About the project:

Into Legal World is set on the drive of fighting for rights of forsaken  Prisoners, imprisoned beyond the term of court, prisoners wrongly imprisoned fairly imploring to be freed, or those who even after receiving a release order from court stay untended, with the support of Advocate and Legal Personalities in the form of a PIL. We aim to bring light to their rights and life since they have been punished way more than they deserve.

We invite you to join hands in this social cause for participation in any form. Big or small, each contribution counts in the path to change.

We will be posting selected Write ups and Articles over the course of next few weeks on our website and the best one among them will be published in the form of magazine of Into Legal World Publication.

Help us in making this thing get as attention as possible.

Share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Help us in making this a rising issue.

Because there is nothing more painful for a person to loose his youth while sitting in a jail, because of the reason that that there are some legal abnormalities and he is a poor person who does not have enough money to get a good and fair advocate to fight for his cause. And while all this, his family is starving outside and getting shattered while making rounds of the courts.

Yes, it happens. Trust us, it happens.

Help us so that we can help them.
Share it to the maximum.

*Let’s Create a Change Together*

Interested Social Worker may join the initiative by sending us there details and how they can help us at
Anyone who can provide us with photo of prisoners and maltreatment of prisoners will be mentioned in the magazine and best photographer will be awarded.

•Please note that members interested in making investment can also contact us for the same.
•Investing members will receive special recognition on various platform, privileges and incentives from Into Legal World, an online news portal.

Following issues will be covered in the project “Save prisoners from Injustice”
* Illegal detention
* Inhumane treatment
* Undue delay in release
* Infrastructure
* Family meeting
* Study materials and other facilities
* Mode of communication
* Indifferent treatment between prisoners
* Sex slave
* Prison environment
* Harassment of family members
* Juvenile jail
* Rehabilitation program

Authors – Save Prisoners from injustice

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