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Media, the fourth  pillar of  democracy plays an important role in shaping the democracy. It shapes not only the present situation but future scenario can be influenced if media uses it’s power in correct direction. It is the responsibility of media to keep a check on the working of government and to be a bridge between the government and the citizens so that problems of  citizen can easily be heard by their politician and citizen of the nation are also able to see what measures government is taking for the benefits of their citizen.


As stated above media is the strong link between the citizen and it’s politician let us see in which ways the media works and influence the democracy.

  1. Breaking of major scams- Scam is the word which makes every citizen of the country aggressive as these scams are being done by the politician with the money of the people of nation. Talking with respect to country India here the scams has emerged out since it’s very independence. The first scam was done in the year 1948 and by K. Krishna Menon then Indian high commissioner in Britain has purchased the army jeeps and makes his net profit of worth Rs. 80 Lakh but later on exposed by the then newspaper Hindustan which remarkably gives the detailof this scam and from there it moves to many scams of worth 1000 crores and exposed by different media houses from different starting from print and then in television media industry.
  2. GROUND REPORTING- Ground reporting is the essence of media to bring the reality check to the problems. Famously 9/11 case of America is the big example of it and one more espionage in the Russian Defence.
  3. EXPOSING THE REGION OF MALPRACTICES- Many malpractice cases has been reported by media which let to the attention of the government of the country for example eradication of Kashmiri Pandit in India , in Pakistan attack on Church and very sensitive nation POK i.e. Pak Occupied Kashmir has been covered by the media.
  4. CHECK ON GOVERNMENT POLICY- Media plays an important part in checking the government policy are reaching to the natives or not. For example- Indian government had put forward the scheme of levy of 2% income tax on digital trading and if it is not beneficiating the Indian then that will be reported by the media and government shall take concern on it.
  5. LIFE SAVIOUR- Media also plays the part of life saviour of many person that we see in present famous Kulbhushan Jadhav case where media presented the matter correctly and awake the government of India. Same it represented the case of deadly disease exposed by the media and by which people concern got the information and started to diagnose it.


  1. GREAT AND EFFICIENT MEDIUM IN EMERGENCY- In emergency media has proved to be a great boon to the convey emergency news or the news which should be conveyed by Nation’s Head for example death of Osama Bin Laden conveyed by President Barack Obama and Demonetisation news in India has played agreat boon. Moreover, all the terrorist attacks are being covered by media which let the people know about it.


As we can see there are numerous ways by which media efficiently work but there are some areas where media does not perform it well and has clearly contravenes to the defination and base of media by which it stands. We can see few media houses are brought over by the political party so as a result news does not have real essence and news are not presented in correct manner. Censorship fear is amongst the news media that government can make censorship if the news are highlighted against the government. Moreover biasness among the reporters can be clearly seen in their reports which affect the presentation of the government..Telecasting the terrorist attack sometimes cause the great effect to the army to carry out it’s operation as the correct position of terrorist are visible even too the organization head which let them to save their people easily.


Starting from influencing power to it’s defect media has comprised all the good and evil effects too but evil side is less but stronger and can be removed just by the strong and pure belief in their profession. As media is the profession not only of poltics but to serve the people also. It is basically a type of aid which has been provided if work done in true form as stated by Simon  that “Media is not about exploiting and creating contacts but an aid and profund job to serve the people.”

  •  This article was written by Vishad Srivastava for competition organised by Into Legal World for the post of Legal News Reporter.

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