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Legal Shorts; SC: S.306 – “Cruelty” – Cruelty leading to abetment of suicide by wife – Strange reasoning by trial court to hold appellant – accused (husband) guilty for cruelty.


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Reasons given were: (i) that an educated girl (deceased) of business community was left in a village life (after marriage with appellant) and in the house of a lower community people (appellant’s family) whose way of living, whose way of talking, whose way of behaviour was not on a par with her family members, and (ii) that as such, she was feeling perplexed and agitated and she expected from appellant that she must be kept with him at his place of posting and not to be left in a village life in company of rustic persons and that appeared the cause of her discontentment and unhappiness – Aforementioned reasons to hold appellant guilty for cruelty, held not sustainable – Words and Phrases – “Cruelty” – Penal Code, 1860, Ss. 306 and 498-A Expln.

Case: Mangat Ram Vs. State of Haryana

(2014) 12 SCC 595: (2014) 5 SCC (Cri) 127.

Bench Strength – 2.
Coram:  K.S.P. Radhakrishnan and Vikramajit Sen, JJ.
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