Essay Competition

Rules and Regulations for Paper Presentation, Event 2nd October, 2017


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Into Legal World have organised 1st National Essay Writing Competition, 2017.

Total Number of Participants from all over the country is 60.

Dress Code: Formal Court Room Dress Code. Black and White for all the participants.

Marking Criteria: The marks will be given on the following basis.

1.      Manner 20
2.      Research 20
3.      Presentation Skills 20
4.      Time Management 20
5.      Article/Essay 20
Total 100


Tie Breaking

In the case of Tie following rules shall be followed.

  1. One who have scored maximum marks in Originality of his/her article.
  2. One who have scored maximum marks in Research during his/her in paper and during paper presentation.
  3. One who have scored maximum marks in Presentation Skills.
  4. One who have scored maximum marks in time management.
  5. One who have scored maximum in Manner, Research and Presentation Skills altogether.

Timings: minimum 3 minutes each presenter have to speak and maximum of 5 minutes only. Top 2 selected participants from each court room will be given opportunity to present their paper in final round.

Awards and Prizes: 3 Best Presenter will be Awarded.

Participation Certificate to all Presenter.

Language: English

Paper Presentation through PPT is not allowed.

Presenters required to bring four hard copies of their Essay/Article which they going to present in the Event, with Stapler on the left side.

All participants required to carry following things

  • College/University ID
  • Photocopy of their Aadhar Card
  • Two Passport Size Photographs.
  • A Big Smile on their face.

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