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Reform in Judicial System: Into Legal World’s National Legal Competition, 2017


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Reported by: Vishad and Aadarsh

‘Justice does not help those who slumber but helps only those who are vigilant’- an eon has passed, but these precious words of Mahatma Gandhi still

‘Justice does not help those who slumber but helps only those who are vigilant’- an eon has passed, but these precious words of Mahatma Gandhi still holds its relevance. 2nd October, the Non Violence day is memorialized and rejoiced as birthday of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi and our Prime Minister Lal Bhadur Shastri. On this pious day, many dignitaries of Law Fraternity marked their presence in the event, 1st National Essay Writing Competition and Paper Presentation Competition on Judicial Reform conducted at Uttar Pradesh State Public Service Tribunal, Lucknow. The competition was organized by INTO LEGAL WORLD, sponsored by Newstimes Network, in amalgamation with Unite Foundation and U.P. State Public Service Tribunal. Competition was embraced by the presence of Chief Guest Sri Justice Sudhir Kumar Saxena who is the head of U.P. State Service Tribunal, Special Guest Sri Justice Khemkaran Ex Vice President of Central Service Tribunal and another Special Guest Prof.Balraj Chauhan former Vice Chancellor of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia University and present Director of Amity Law School, Lucknow. Students from various part of the country exhibited marked interest on the much heated topic ‘Reforms in Judicial System’, which is a common talking point amongst the upholders of law. Students through their presentation stressed on the various problems occurring within the judiciary i.e. Pendency of Cases, Lack of Judges, Appointments of Judges and Corruption that is prevailing in the system, but the bright solutions that were raised by them were the spotlight of the presentation.

On the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, the competition intended to yield his thought – “Peace will not come out of a clash of arms but out of justice lived and done by unarmed nations in the face of odds” through inviting young minds to ponder on reforms in judiciary. Five hundred participants from seventy eight universities participated in online essay writing competition. The first prize was bestowed upon Adiba Sheikhe, second prize was secured by kanchan Lata and third prize was conferred upon Monisha. B. In paper presentation participants from more than twelve universities participated, among them Prince Verma secured first prize for his outstanding performance, Manjri Singh received the second prize and the third prize was awarded to Pranav Kaushal. The first, second and third position holders of 1st National Essay Writing Competition and Paper Presentation Competition were conferred with the scholarship of Rs. 48,000 via cheques of Rs. 7000, 5000, 4000 respectively by the Unite Foundation. Participation in both competitions was free to invite more and more ideas of young law students. Major issues like unfilled vacancies of judiciary, allotment of fewer budgets to judiciary, corruption, use of technology, expansion of Alternate Dispute Resolution, accountability of Judges, use of RTI to control corruption, high cost etc. were raised. A participant raised point that a nationwide web portal shall be made to monitor the cases from trial courts to Supreme Court of India whose working shall be monitored by a committee headed by Chief Justice of India, which was encouraged and appreciated by the guest of honour.

While addressing the law students in the award ceremony, Justice Sudhir Kumar Saxena, President of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Tribunal, chief of the program said that a holistic approach shall be adopted to improve the judicial system. He contended against the idea of students to abolish vacation system for judges that the judges work continuously in a monotonous trend to adhere the issues of aggrieved party and if the vacation is denied to such hard working judges then their efficiency will surely decrease.

Former Vice President of the Central Public Service Tribunal, Justice Khemkaran, shared his experience and said that there is a need for a comprehensive change in the system. Today, 58 to 60 per cent of the courts go to the lawyers strike. In the cases where the legal cases are filed, legal penalties are not properly presented, so that the speed of disposal of the cases is slow which indicated the wrong methods adopted by advocates. Justice Khemkaran also accepted the corruption of the court and said that the district courts are like the backbone of the judicial system, which is undergoing through basic infrastructure problem and millions of people spend their life by turning around the court’s threshold.

Professor Balraj Chauhan, former Vice Chancellor and Director of Amity Law School, the special guest of the program mentioned that law universities have a major role in improving the judicial system, which needs to be seriously understood. In order to achieve justice in the light of law, millions of people reach the threshold of the courts. But very few people gain justice over time. The condition of prisons is getting worse.

Saurabh Mishra, editor of NewsTimes Network, cited Indian Justice philosophy, appealed to all parties to improve the modern justice system, and motivated students of the law to take initiative and take active participation in solving problems. He proposed his plan that if any student of any university from all over the country takes meaningful initiatives, then the NewsTimes network will provide all the possible cooperation, and the Unite Foundation’s unit, Unite Legal is already working in this direction.


This was an attempt to bring all the members of Legal Fraternity on a Platform to express their opinions that our judiciary needs. Reforms are not carried away in one night it requires a long debate and deep study after that the things are compiled with the present scenario. As our judiciary is facing many problems and because of which it is becoming far away from the reach of common and middle class person which was not at all sole objective of the judiciary. Our judiciary which is currently facing collegium system problem but this defect can be solved by this type of competition and making a common platform for eminent jurist for their precious views and will definitely be solving various problems which have been sketched down such as delaying in pendency of cases, corruption and various other problems and at last these kind of efforts will bring back the faith of common people in the judiciary and our judiciary will come back at the forefront for all the poors and the needy. INTO LEGALWORLD is spiritedly working to meet the foundational needs of young revolutionary minds and help them to develop a functional appreciation of application of law, already giving free legal aid to many of the needy people and in future they are committed to explore more such issues and come up with more interesting events. As Mahatma Gandhi stated ‘There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.’ -it should be memorialized since conscience should never die because at last his will only fingh back against all odds and injustice.







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