DSP Davinder Singh’s arrest: A shocker or a loophole to ‘National Security’

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On11/01/2020 Deputy Superintendent of Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) Davinder Singh ran out of luck after he was intercepted by Jammu and Kashmir Police in Kulgam Area at a checkpoint. DSP Davinder Singh was found driving in his i10 car with two top Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists. One of them was Naveed Mushtaq Babu Number 2 after Riyaz Naikoo, the face of terror in Shopian. His latest deadly acts included the killing of non-resident truck drivers and fruit farmers following the Centre's move to abrogate Article 370. The other Hizbul terrorist Rafi, a lawyer by profession, had expertise in arranging and ferrying people to Pakistan.

The planned operation was carried in the leadership of DIG Atul Goel. DIG Atul Goel has served many years in NIA (National Investigation Agency). 57-year-old Davinder Singh had been on the police's radar for several weeks. The officer had gone to Shopian to bring Naveed Babu to Srinagar and was helping the two Hizbul terrorists to escape to Jammu, as per the intelligence reports. Davinder Singh took the plea that he was taking terror operatives to surrender but interrogators have found the claim to be false.

Sources said a sum of Rs 12 lakh may have been given to Davinder Singh for the job and when caught he seemed to be quite comfortable in the company of Naveed, branded as a cop killer. The police have recovered 5 grenades and 3 AK-47 rifles during a search at DSP Davinder Singh's Indiranagar residence in Srinagar.

Who is Davinder Singh?

Davinder Singh served in the J&K Police as an inspector and then DSP for over 25 years and was posted with the anti-hijacking squad at the Srinagar airport at the time of his arrest. He was earlier the DSP of Pulwama district and was transferred to the new, important posting last year. His reputation is not very clean and previously has been accused of corruption and extortion. Singh has long served in the police's Special Operations Group, a dreaded counterinsurgency unit that has been accused by Kashmiris and human rights groups of summary executions, torture and rape to holding suspects as well as civilians for ransom.

Afzal Guru, in one of his letters he wrote to his lawyer alleging that Davinder Singh had tasked him to take a terrorist to Delhi and arrange for his accommodation there. The Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist Afzal Guru had to accommodate was one of those who were killed during the attack on Parliament

Singh was once injured in a police operation and was given the Indian president's gallantry award in 2019. He was among the officers who received New Delhi-based foreign envoys of 15 countries who came to visit the region, which is under a communications and security lockdown.

The incident has raised serious questions on National Security. Such a decorated officer who has received several medals and recognitions is accused of such serious crime.