What is wrong with the ‘Firing Incident’ that happened in Jamia Protest?

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On Thursday a headline hit the news channels but the headline was scary. A protest against new Citizenship (Amendment) Act was organised in Delhi's Jamia Nagar. Around 1:30 pm a minor boy caught everyone’s attention. He was walking on the road waving a country-made pistol. He also shouted "Main Deta Hoon Azaadi" (I will give you freedom) and he opened fire towards the protestors.

The protestors were to carry out a march till Raj Ghat to mark the 72nd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi but they were stopped as they did not have permissions for that. A tussle was seen between police and protestors and police. But no news of violence was found till the incident happened.

As the students were set to start their march from Jamia Millia Islamia to Rajghat, the attacker took out a country-made .315 bore pistol and opened fire. The boy has written several posts that he would 'end the protest' at Shaheen Bagh by January 31, reports IANS.

A student of the university's Mass Communication and Research Centre, Shadab Najar was injured in the incident and rushed to Holy Family Hospital in Jamia area.

In a video shot during the incident, the man brandishing the gun can be heard saying, “Yeh lo azaadi…Hindustan zindabad…Delhi Police zindabad.” Delhi Police personnel were present when the shooting took place.  

The fact that cannot be ignored is that the incident comes days after Union Minister Anurag Thakur at a BJP rally encouraged those present in the crowd to chant ‘Goli maro saalon ko'.


Who is the person who fired?

Since the accused is reported to be minor we cannot disclose his identity but what we can do is run you through his mental state. He posted various Facebook posts before he went to commit the said incident.

It’s now up to us that what path we want to go. Whoever witnessed those posts prior to the incident, could they have stopped the firing? This incident could have been bigger and next time we may not be lucky. It’s our responsibility to be more vigilant towards society. We can save such mishappenings.