Does Pakistan apparently supports and funds Terrorism

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While Pakistan Prime Minister yesterday showed his seriousness on combating terrorism, a leaked video of his junior Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi  had vowed to fund and support terrorist such as Hafiz Saeed as reported by Indian Express.
Hafiz Saeed, is a terrorist declared by USA and UN after 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack with American bounty of 10 million USD.
The statement made by Shehryar Afridi mentioned that MML which was declared as terrorist organization by USA and UN will not be a terrorist organization and instead it will be one of the top political party eligible for contesting election.
He said, “As long as we (the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) are in government, all those including Hafiz Saeed who are raising voice for Pakistan and righteousness, we are with them”. 
The statement though not in official capacity but by official Minister of Pakistan is an example enough to prove hidden intention of Pakistan. 
It shall be noted that while terrorist organizations are curse to India, it is a boon to Pakistan. As they are the dominant players behind security of their import and export. India, for Pakistan, is nit only geographical dominant, but biggest economical competitor, and thus, potential hazard for its economical growth.  Though if Pakistan wouldn't have been a military country and a country based on high value and respect for its constitutional ethics, India would have been the most trusted ally of Pakistan than any other country.

*Pakistan Bans Jamat-ud-Dawa but no development on arrest of the terrorist*

Pakistan bans Jamat-ud-Dawa a terrorist organization responsible for terror attack in Mumbai and Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation responsible for training of several most wanted terrorist but no action on arrest of the mastermind and chief founder of Jamat-ud-Dawa Hafiz Saeed.
The decision was taken during the meeting of National Security Committee under pressure of Indian Embassy and international economical barriers.
It was claimed that banning the organization is a step towards fighting from terrorism by Home Ministry. On the contrary, information from secret agencies claims that the Chief of several terrorist attack Hafiz Saeed and his supporters are still in Pakistan.