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Days after Congress president Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that he will support government on Pulwama attacks and there will be no politics on the issue Congress Randeep Surjewala accused PM Modi of shooting documentary in Jim Corbett National Park and having samosa- tea in the evening.

"The terror attack happened at 3:10 pm, but the Prime Minister was busy shooting for his promotional film till 6:40 pm. When the whole country was mourning the loss of lives of our jawans in the Pulwama attack in the afternoon, PM Modi was busy shooting for a film till the evening. Is there any PM in the world like this?" Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said at a press conference.

"Modiji, along with the head of Discovery and its camera crew, was watching gharial (crocodile) during his boat ride. He had tea and samosa at 7 pm at a government guest house while the nation didn't eat. It is absolutely despicable and shameful," Mr Surjewala charged, stating that local papers had reported a minute-to-minute schedule of the PM.

PM Modi was reportedly shooting for a Discovery documentary at that time. The documentary is on his days in Himalayas.

BJP president Amit Shah replied, accusing the Congress of playing politics over the Pulwama attack. "The Congress is making an issue of the events the PM was attending at that time. Say whatever you want, but the people of the country are not affected. He is very serious about national security and zero tolerance towards terrorism. With what face are you questioning the PM? The same party questioned the surgical strikes". Amit Shah said this at a rally in Andhra Pradesh.

Government sources replied the accusation saying he “did not eat anything, spoke with the National Security Adviser and Home Minister about Pulwama and could not leave Ramnagar, where the shoot took place, as the chopper could not take off because of bad weather”.

Congress also attacked PM Modi on breaking protocol and hugging Crown Prince on his visit to India.