Cricket War: Whether India Should Play Cricket with Pakistan?

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14 Feb it was. Valentine Day. When Pakistan based (supported and funded) terrorist organization JeM led by Hafiz Saeed and Azhar attacked a bus filled with the CRPF commandos which took 40 lives. The attack shook the nation and the administrative system. Blew an emotional wave enough to rage anything comes in between.


The very next day, Indian Government levied 200% custom duty on import from Pakistan to weaken Pakistan economy. To support India's stand on fight against corruption, UNSC passed a resolution to take strict against against terrorist organization based and funded in Pakistan. What have been the biggest advantage is to weaken Pakistan economically.


Playing cricket or supporting it any other way will be nothing but futile to whatever has already been done. If India really wants Pakistan to think about it’s support and funding to terrorist organization, than, total ban will be bliss. Be it economically, social, or cultural. Ban on one subject and sharing benefits on another will be futile.


There has already been incident where South Africa was internationally boycotted in 1970 by ICC on its racial segregation policy. The ban was lifted when South Africa released Nelson Mandela from prison, and then South Africa for the first time 21 years travelled to India to play cricket.


If the ban is for right cause, than there is no wrong in total ban. Economical, social, cultural and political.