Gujarat HC on Incompetency of Lawyers Affecting Administration of Justice

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The bench comprising Acting Chief Justice (Gujrat HC) and Justice Biren Vaishnav in Suo Motu v. The Bar Council of India through President has made two vital suggestions in regard to dealing with problem of incompetency of lawyer affecting administration of justice. Following are the suggestion made in this regard:

1. To frame rules in this regard.

2. To organise regular training for lawyers on how to conduct matters, and the ethics and etiquettes they need to follow in the courtroom.

The bench further observed that the observed that the lawyer did not only fail to maintain the dignity and decorum of the Court, but also failed to make competent representation of the case on behalf of his clients. It was also observed that the incompetent representation of the case by the Advocate on behalf of the clients has not been incorporated in the Bar Council of India Rules, nor the same is being treated as the misconduct entailing disciplinary proceedings.