Mamata Banerjee is directly responsible for my death: Ex-IPS Officer in his Suicide Note

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A retired IPS Officer Gaurav Dutt, 1986 batch, committed suicide on 19th Feb. The Ex-IPS Officer has blamed CM Mamata Banerjee for his extreme step alleging mistreatment by the Trinamool Congress in his suicide note.

Gaurav Dutt has also written in his suicide note that Mamata Banerjee has “victimized him for 10 years” and went all out to “demoralize him due to her single-minded vendetta for reasons best known to her”. He clearly mentioned that Mamata Banerjee is directly responsible for his death. He also said that she has a strong inhuman quality to use and discard IPS Officer.

Before he did, what should never happen with any officer, he made intelligent step to send copy of his note to his colleague whom he could trust. The letter circulated and breaking the media.

Gaurav Dutt father Gopal Dutt was an IPS Officer of 1939 batch and one of the first officers recruited for RAW. Gaurav Dutt had a doctorate in land reform. “Dutt has a vision towards positive side of any problem” said his colleague.

The matter shall be investigated by CBI because this, Gaurav Dutt, an honest Officer, deserves justice.