Why Prime Minister Kishan Dhan Scheme or any such scheme is failure?

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Prime Minister Modi with UP CM Yogi Adityanath announced in Gorakhpur rally of his new scheme which is expected to benefit more than 1 crore 1 lakh farmer. Under Prime Minister' Kishan Dhan Scheme, every farmer holding land of upto 2 hectares is eligible to 6,000 ₹ a year. The scheme is entirely funded by government. It has been claimed that 21 crore has already been transferred in 1 crore and 1 lakhs farmers.

In 16 Dec 2018, the loan of more than 34 lakhs farmers, upto 2 lakhs, total of which went upto 38, 000 crore ₹ were waived off.


Central Government and State Government in several other scheme planed to waive off loan amount or to grant money out of nothing to farmers eligible under certain variable criteria.


Whereas, lest attention were given to market rate of crop and storage system, which if would have prime concern of Government, the scenario would have been totally different. According to NGOs working to protect and reduce risk of crop failure, it is not the investment from which farmers are failing, but the mismanagement and strategic failure.


Government should look forward to permanent solution rather than giving short term illusive benefits.

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