Pakistan has Right to Self Defence: PM Pak Imran Khan

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in an emergency meeting held with Army-in-Chief held that Pakistan has Right to Defence and Pakistan may retaliate to attack in Pakistan territory. However, Pakistan's Army-in-chief denied any such attack and told to the media that they landed the bomb in forest area where there was no casualties. He mentioned that no harm has done to Pakistan.

However, Members of Parliament in Parliament waved slogan ‘Shame’, ‘Shame’, on which its was requested by Imran Khan's party to be united in these days and not to wave such slogan.

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi who is the current Federal Minister for Foreign  said that they will not be silent about the issue. This is against international ethics.

In the response to what happened at 3:30 in POK, Imran Khan has been held responsible in Pakistan's Parliament and asked to answer on the matter.

USA earlier this week cautioned that India, in response to Pulwama attack, can take major step and we’ll support it. Also, India for the first time has been called in Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held by Abu Dhabi as Honorable Guest.

These supports from foreign ground is fear to another probable action of Pakistan.