Prof forced to kneel before ABVP for his FB post on Indo-Pak tension

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Where country is welcoming step of Pakistan PM Imran Khan for his decision to return wing commander Abhinandan to India, the radical wing confused with patriotism, demands resignation of Professor Sandeep Wathar, over his facebook post in which he allegedly criticized the BJP Government at the centre for creating a war-like situation and praising Prime Minister for his stand during the “escalating” tension between the neighbours.

On the other side if the picture, several professors, academicians, waved the banners and slogan for release of IAF Abhinandan. Apart from the diplomatic attempts, irrespective of International pressure, citizen of Pakistan showed bravery and asked their authorities to release wing commander Abhinandan. The decision was appreciated by Pakistan PM Imran Khan and wing commander was returned to India the very next day.

Where some radicals in India inclined towards fake patriotism is against any steps initiated for appreciation of so called enemy.

Civil Engineering College at Vachana Pitamaha Dr. P G Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, where ABVP and BJP demanded suspension of the professor, Sandeep Wather, is run by Bijapur Lingayat Development Education Society, owned by Karnataka Home Minister and Congress Leader M B Patil. The final decision whether or not professor will be suspended yet to be announced on coming Tuesday.