Voters Right to Know the source of political funding

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Today in Supreme Court while addressing the question before the bench of Chief Justice of Indian Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Deepak Gupta and Sanjeev Khanna on the need for transparency in political funding, Attorney General K K Venugopal said, “realities of the days” have to be taken into account and “it can’t be applied without appreciating the particular problem.” He said tht the reason to protect the donors under the electoral bond scheme from disclosing their identity was because donors feared victimisation by political parties to whom they had not contributed.

He said, “Voters have the right to know about their candidates…why should they know where the money of political parties is coming from”.

Justice Gupta, to the submission of AG, observed that the concern was whether the system promoted opacity and “shouldn’t voters know which party is funded by whom.. that’s an important part of the voters right to know”.

The plea for voters right to know about their candidates and by whom the political parties are funded was filed by CPM and NGO Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) challenging the electoral bond scheme, questioned AG who sought to explain the security aspects of the scheme, and maintained that it would curb black money in the long run. Appearing for petitioner, advocate Prashant Bhushan said that according to election commission figures, bonds worth Rs 210 crore of total Rs 221 purchased had gone for BJP