Agents Employed to Influence Vote in Faridabad.

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It was after a video of a polling agent trying to influence voters inside a polling booth in Faridabad went viral on social, and everyone started questioning fair conduct of Election Commission, the person who is said to be influencing voters, has been arrested.

It was after the votes in Faridabad has already been influenced and forcefully voted, the District Election Officer, Faridabad, dared to twit on the social media that the polling was not compromised in the booth.

Anurag Dhanda, a journalist from New18 India, has posted the video on his official twitter account. Below is the link of the video.

This is just a glimpse of mass ignorance of code of conduct. This video is example of numbers such activities which haven’t been reported.

General Election, 2019 is free but is it fair?

Another question is why it is unknown as of yet to the Election Commission of India and Officers of Faridabad, that who is behind the arrested agent, as the agent is in custody of Election Commission.