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Medicine and Health Laws

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Amity Law School and Into Legal World stands proud to present this book on “Medicine and Healthcare laws” realising the importance of discussing the issue of healthcare in India for the better development of the nation as in my view ‘Education’ and ‘Health’ are two important pillars of a developing nation.
This book contains papers of various students, professionals and research scholar from all over the country with extensive research on various topics related to Medicine and Health Laws.
We hope that this book addresses the issues in hand and we believe that the writers, readers and students will gain ample amount of knowledge and wisdom from the book with papers from eminent personalities, professors, jurists, other members of the legal and academic fraternity.

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Lecture Notes on Law of Evidence

Foreword by Justice D.K. Upadhayay
Written by: Prakarsh Pandey
A well written book in very simple language, containing bare illustrations, and relevant case laws. The synopsis is helpful to both the law students as well those preparing for competitive exams. The fact that even before the highest temporal court has to bank on Law of Evidence to settle disputes brought before it, speaks highly of the value of the Law of Evidence to all those concerned with and interested in the administration of justice. The book is ideal for precise study of Law of Evidence and good for competitive exams such as of PCS (J), IAS, Bar Council Exam, and others.

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Legal Articles

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The Consumer Protection Bill 2018, which was recently passed by the Lok Sabha, is slated to replace the existing act of Consumer Protection Act 1986. The Consumer protection Bill of 2018 has certain new features which were missing in the prevailing Consumer Protection Act 1986. The highlights of the new bill include the following features.

  1. Addressing Growth of E- Commerce

One of the most notable features of the new bill is to attempt to address the concerns of the consumers arising from the growth of modern E- Commerce and false and misleading advertisements. This concern of the bill is apparent from the definitional clause of the new bill itself. According to the definition of ‘Consumer’ include all those who buy goods or avail the same service online through E- Commerce outlets, the further explanation has been provided under section 2(7) which defines consumer lays down

(b) The expression “buys any good” and “hires or avails any service” include online and offline transactions through electronic mode or by teleshopping or by direct selling or multinational marketing”.

  1. Combating with the Misleading Statements

The second most notable feature of the new bill is to target against false and misleading statements which can be penalised with fines. On being reference made to the Central Consumer Protection Authority under Section 21 a fine up to Rs 10 lakh can be imposed on those who broadcast such false and misleading statement as well as one year ban. Repeated offences may attract the penalty of 50 lakh and a ban on exhibition/appearance up to three years can be made.

  1. Creation of the Central Consumer Protection Authority

The bill proposes to create new authority called as the Central Consumer Protection Authority under Section 10 of the Act. As per the provision of Section 10, the Central authority is empowered to regulate on matters relating to the violations of the consumers rights, false and misleading statements and unfair trade practices. The task of the Central Consumer Protection Authority is to promote, protect and enforce the rights of the consumers. The functions of the Central Consumer Protection Authority includes

  • Hearing complaints referred to the Central Consumer Protection Authority
  • Make suitable recommendations to fortify consumer protection
  • Research and awareness regarding the consumer protection


  1. Mediation

Chapter V of the new Bill provides with the procedure to be followed to refer the consumer dispute for mediation. Section 74 of the new bill provides for the creation for Mediation Cells to be attached to the District Consumer protection, State Consumer Commissions and National Consumer Commission. Section 37 under Chapter V provides for the reference of dispute for the process of mediation, if there is the possibility of settlement by the parties. Further in the Chapter V provides with the details of the procedure to be followed in mediating consumer disputes. If the parties to the dispute are unable to reach to the settlement through the process of mediation, the matter will be reverted back to the concerned forum to hear it.

  1. Changes in the Pecuniary Jurisdiction

The new Consumer Protection bill of 2018 has revised the pecuniary jurisdiction for the three tiered Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission which are as follow:

  • District Commission: Complaints valued up to  Rs 1crore
  • State Commission: Complaint valued between  Rs 1crore- Rs 10 crore
  • National Commission: Complaints valued up to Rs 10 crore or above

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“Women must not accept; she must challenge”

-By Margaret Sanger

Triple Talaq or Talaq- ul -Biddat has been a matter of debate for over 65 years for Muslim women, which contributes to around 8% of the population as indicated by the 2011 census. "Muslim women deserved and it is their right to have a life proportionate to that of other women, says a Christian or Hindu wife," this was argued by the union government in court. The union government contended that triple talaq isn't fundamental to Islam. Union government assured the court that it will enact a new divorce law in case the court strikes down the triple talaq. The Union government argued that Muslim marriage and separation is provided under Section 2 of the Shariat Act of 1937 and comes within the ambit of 'law' under Article 13 of the Constitution. Subsequently, they ought to maintain the standards of dignity and non-discrimination. Shariat are the Muslim Personal Laws.

Muslim Marriage (Niqah) is one of the few wedding ceremonies which is shorn of any religious prerequisite, and is in truth Muslim marriage is a contract. It would be extremely difficult to find some other union of a man and women that does not include or require any religious ceremony.


Talaq in the literal term refers to the right of a Muslim man to give divorce to his wife. Man can simply repudiate his wife and dissolve Marriage by announcing the same. It is a general perception that Muslim men had an undue advantage over Muslim female as they have this extra right to dissolve their Marriage. In justification to the advantage given to the Muslim men, it is believed that no man would give divorce to his wife without a good cause. Talaq is recognized under Shia and Sunni Law both with certain differences in the practicing of the same.

Before proceeding further, it is important to mention that Talaq only favours a man is a myth. A female can also give Talaq to her Husband. Different types of Talaq are mentioned below. 


Talaq can be categorized under three categories, i.e. Talaq by a Muslim Man, Talaq by Muslim Woman and Talaq by Mutual Consent. 

Talaq by Muslim Men 

  • Talaq-ul-Ahsan - The most approved form of Talaq. In this Talaq, man makes single pronouncement of Talaq to his wife during the Tuhr period (Purity period during menstruation cycles). After the pronouncement of Talaq, wife goes for Iddat period of 3 Months. During this Iddat period, husband can revoke Talaq expressly or impliedly by having sexual intercourse with his wife. Under Shia law witness to the pronouncement and Intention of husband are important, however under Sunni law No witness is required and even Talaq pronounced by Mistake is acceptable.
  • Talaq Hasan - A type of Talaq in which husband pronounce Talaq successively during a three Tuhr period of wife. There must be clear intention on the part of the husband. Husband is abstained to have sexual intercourse with wife during the Iddat period, practiced by wife during the Talaq period. 
  • Talaq- ul -Biddat - the most common type of Talaq which is also known as Triple Talaq. It must be noted that this form of Talaq was never approved by the Prophet. Muslims always believes in the concept of reconciliation, however Talaq ul Biddat is irrevocable and hence there is no chance of reconciliation. The entire three pronouncements are given at a single time and Marriage comes to an end without any period of cooling down. It is the reason that Triple Talaq was always condemned. Shia school does not even recognize this type of Talaq. It is only recognized under Sunni law and under which it is considered to be a ‘sin’.
  • Ila - is a type of Talaq in which a husband abstain himself from having sexual intercourse with his wife for the period of four months. It is believed that if a man is able to control is sexual urges against his wife for four months, he is entitled to have divorce with her. Marriage dissolves automatically at the completion of four months.
  • Zihar - a type of Talaq in which husband compares his wife with his mother or any female in prohibited degrees.


Ila and Zihar are not observed in India.

Talaq by Muslim Women

  • Talaq- e -Tafweez – It is also known as delegated Talaq, in which husband delegates his power to give Talaq to any third person or to his wife. Wife can give Talaq by herself whenever she wants to dissolve the Marriage.

Talaq by Mutual Consent

  • Khula- In this type of Talaq, Wife can get herself out of the Marriage, by making an offer to her husband with some consideration. If husband accepts the offer of the wife, he is bound to give Talaq to his wife.
  • Mubarat- in this type of Talaq, either husband or wife can make offer. By mutual agreement, Marriage can come to an end. There is no consideration involved in it.


Shayara Bano Vs. Union of India

The current debate around triple talaq is centred on the Shayara Bano and several batches of petitions as well as Supreme courts own Suo Moto PIL to consider whether certain aspects of Islamic personal laws amount to gender discrimination and hence violates the constitution. The petition hence challenges the validity of triple talaq on the touchstone of article 14, article 15, article 21 and article 25 of Constitution of India.

Shayara Bano was married for 15 years. In 2016, her husband divorced her through talaq–e-biddat (triple talaq). This is an Islamic practice that permits men to arbitrarily and unilaterally effect instant and irrevocable divorce by pronouncing the word ‘talaq’ (Arabic for divorce) three times at once in oral, written or, more recently, electronic form. Ms Bano argued before the Supreme Court of India that three practices – triple talaq, polygamy, and Nikah Halala (the practice requiring women to marry and divorce another man so that her previous husband can re-marry her after triple talaq) –were unconstitutional. Specifically, she claimed that they violated several fundamental rights under the Constitution of India namely, Articles 14 (equality before the law), 15(1) (prohibition of discrimination including on the ground of gender), 21 (right to life) and 25 (freedom of religion). Her petition underscored how protection against these practices has profound consequences for ensuring a life of dignity. Further, it asserted that failure to eliminate de jure (formal) and de facto (substantive) discrimination against women including by non-State actors, either directly or indirectly, violates not only the most basic human rights of women but also violates their civil, economic, social and cultural rights as envisaged in international treaties and covenants.

The majority judgment held triple talaq to be unconstitutional under Article 14 read with Article 13(1). In this regard, the Court held that the practice had been sanctioned as a matter of personal law by the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937. The Court clarified that “…an action that is arbitrary, must necessarily involve negation of equality” and determined, as triple talaq provides that “…the marital tie can be broken capriciously without any attempt at reconciliation so as to save it”, this arbitrariness violates Article 14. The Court concluded that the 1937 Act is void to the extent that it recognizes and enforces triple talaq, on the basis that as per Article 13(1) all laws in force immediately before the commencement of the present Constitution (which includes the 1937 Act) shall be void in so far as they are inconsistent with the fundamental rights set out in the Constitution. The Court also considered whether triple talaq is protected under Article 25 but, following a review of relevant precedents and Islamic scholarship, concluded that it is not essential to the practice of Islam.

The Supreme Court judgment of 2017 is a triumph for Muslim ladies and their associations. The ladies who have battled this case needed organized support system but still they endured and took the battle to its legitimate conclusion. 

This was a noteworthy judgment that will make the way for new era in this nation. The 2017 Supreme Court judgment won't just have a positive impact on Muslim women — the threat of triple talaq that hung over their heads has been removed — yet it additionally conveys a solid message of gender equality. It is a huge source of motivation also for non-Muslim women. If these poor Muslim women with no help or resources can battle their fight effectively, then why can't others too? 

In this case, the Court focused solely on the practice of triple talaq. In August 2017, the Court, by a majority of 3:2, set aside the practice of triple talaq. Of the justices who voted against the practice, two held it to be unconstitutional while the third relied on case precedents to reiterate that such practice was impermissible under Islamic law.




All human beings have equal rights and freedoms given by the constitution irrespective of their caste, religion, gender. No one can infringe the right of another person with a view to destroy the life of the other person. According to Hindu law, marriage is a kind of sacrament one has to follow but Muslims feel that it is a kind of contract they are entering which can be breached anytime by pronouncing the word talaq three times. Now be it any religion Muslim or Hindu the rights are equal to all and every woman has the half of the right over his husband’s property. The husband cannot leave his wife, if his wife is totally dependent on him. Husband can leave his wife by the legal procedure established by law. If a person pronounces divorce to his wife on spot and does not provide the maintenance to the wife who was totally dependent on him will have to fight hard for the survival. Here her rights are infringed because she will not be left with any source of income and also her reputation in the society will shadowed. This practice is misused by the husbands of Muslim women as first they marry them and then after using all the resources that she had from his parents, leave them and go for the other woman to gain the profit from the other women.

Every person has the right to enjoy his or her life but such type of practices put a sudden stop of happiness in the lives of the women. Hence its practice has been declared void and the people should be aware that nobody practices it in the society. Also, the practiced of talaq-e-biddat is denounced internationally and many of the Islamic countries have forbidden this practice too so why should we follow it. After this judgement the Muslim women were finally happy as their personal rights were protected by the constitution.   

Rajasthan C.M bans liquor sale after 8 p.m in State
The newly elected Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot issued a strict order to stop the liquor sale after 8 p.m in the state. On the violation of the said order, they are liable to penalty, their shops should be sealed, and their license should also be cancelled. And those charging higher amount than the Maximum Selling Price (MSP) are also liable for punishment and strict action would be taken against them as well.
Date - 1/21/2019 3:26:43 PM

CJI Ranjan Gogoi backs himself off from hearing plea challenging Nageswara Rao’s appointment as interim CBI Director
CJI Ranjan Gogoi recused himself from being a part of bench that was to hear a plea challenging appointment of Nageswara Rao as interim CBI Chief. A bench comprising of CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Sanjiv khanna was to hear a PIL filed by an NGO Common Cause challenging the appointment of Nageswara Rao. CJI said “he would be part of the selection Committee meeting to choose the new CBI Director”.
Date - 1/21/2019 3:26:17 PM

Sales tax cannot be imposed on Medicines, implants, consumables, and surgical tools used in Medical Procedures, said by Kerala HC
A bench of Kerala HC comprising Justice K. Vinod Chandran, Justice A. Muhamed Mustaque, and Justice Ashok Menon has ruled that no tax should be levied on Medicines, implants, and other surgical tools or materials that are being used during procedures at hospitals as they do not constitute sale of goods.
Date - 1/21/2019 3:25:51 PM

Carlos Ghosn swears to stay in Japan if he gets bail
Carlos Ghosn is an ousted former boss of Nissan, a Japanese Multinational automobile manufacturer. He was detained in Tokyo, Japan on the charges of financial misconduct. He vowed to remain in Japan if he gets bail and called himself innocent. The previous petitions filed by Carlos concerning bail was rejected by Tokyo District Court saying it is a flight risk to release him on bail as he may try to destroy evidence.
Date - 1/21/2019 3:25:29 PM

Koduvally MLA Karat Razack disqualified by Kerala HC
Koduvally MLA Karat Razack has been disqualified by the Kerala HC for making defamatory remarks in a campaign against his rival UDF candidate M.A Razak during the 2016 Assembly polls. A single-judge bench comprising Justice J.K Abraham Matthew declared the election of MLA Karat Razack void as he was found indulging in various corrupt practices and he has also released a video containing defamatory statements to tarnish the image of rival candidate M.A Razak.
Date - 1/19/2019 4:27:23 PM

Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May rejected by British lawmakers
Brexit deal proposed by the British P.M Theresa May has been rejected by the British Parliament fearing the “backstop” provision. According to the provision, Britain would stop being the part of EU in March 2019. And the trade rules would remain unchanged till 2020.
Date - 1/19/2019 4:26:42 PM

Government allows the appointment of women as jawans in Army’s Military Police
The appointment of women as jawans in the Army’s Corps of Military Police has been approved by the Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Women are currently working in medical and legal wing of Army. Now, women will be inducted as the jawans and will comprise 20% of total Corps of Military Base. Some of their roles would be to probe into rapes cases, molestation cases, assisting the Army whenever and wherever required, and searching or frisking women.
Date - 1/19/2019 4:26:11 PM

• CJI Ranjan Gogoi and former SC Judge , Justice Madan B Lokur attended Pakistan CJ’s swearing-in ceremony
The CJI Ranjan Gogoi and former SC Judge, Justice Madan B Lokur attended the swearing-in ceremony of Pakistan’s new Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Asif Saeed Khosa. The ceremony saw the attendance of several luminaries from across the world. Justice Madan Lokur also shared a bench with the newly made Chief Justice of Pakistan and heard three cases lasting around 45 minutes. The two have been close friends since 2004.
Date - 1/19/2019 4:25:36 PM

• After Alok Verma’s exit, Special Director Rakesh Asthana moved from CBI
Days after the removal of Alok Verma as CBI Director on the charges of corruption, the high-powered committee led by P.M Narendra Modi named Special Director Rajesh Asthana from the probe Agency to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. Asthana is facing corruption charges in the Moin Qureshi case and the Appointments Committee has also curtailed the tenure of Asthana. The tenure of three other officers namely Arun Kumar Sharma (Joint Director), Manish Kumar Sinha (DIG), and Jayant J Naiknavare (SP) has been cut short.
Date - 1/18/2019 1:57:32 PM

• Gurmeet Ram Rahim found guilty in the 2002 journalist Murder case
Special CBI Court Judge Jadgeep Singh held Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim and three others named Kuldeep Singh, Nirmal Singh, and Krishan Lal guilty in the murder of Journalist Ramchander Chhatrapati and awarded a sentence of life imprisonment. The sentence was passed by a Special Court in Panchkula through Video Conferencing. Gurmeet Ram Rahim is currently serving a 20-yr prison term in Sunaria jail in Rohtak for raping his two women devotees.
Date - 1/18/2019 1:56:56 PM

• After 24 years in jail, SC grants parole to TADA convict
A Bench comprising Justice UU Lalit and Justice K.M Joseph granted parole tot one of the three convicts named Mohammed Shamsuddin. He was convicted in the 1993 Bomb blast case. The blasts happened in the six Rajdhani Express trains across the country killing 2 people and injuring several others. Total of 16 people were convicted under the now repealed Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act by TADA court in Ajmer in 2004.
Date - 1/18/2019 1:56:20 PM

Death sentence to Pune Driver Commuted by SC
A Bench comprising of Justice A.K Sikri, Justice Ashok Bhushan, and Justice M.R Shah commuted death sentence given to Santosh Maruti Mane, a bus driver whose murderous Joy Ride had resulted in 9 persons death in 2012. Santosh Maruti Mane, a bus driver in Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation hijacked a bus from the depot and went on a joy ride which resulted in the death of 9 persons and 36 people suffering serious injury. The Court commuted the death sentence saying that though the defence of insanity is not established in this case, the accused was under mental strain and stress which resulted in the tragedy.
Date - 1/18/2019 1:51:29 PM

HC Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Sanjiv Khanna appointed as SC Judges
Karnataka HC Chief Justice Dinesh Maheswari and Delhi HC Judge, Justice Sanjiv Khanna appointed as Supreme Court Judges. The appointment was notified by the government. The Collegium headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi recommended the names of Justice Maheswari and Justice Khanna despite following objections by present SC Judge, Justice Kishan Kaul.
Date - 1/17/2019 3:19:02 PM

New CBI Director to be appointed on Jan 24
High-Powered Selection Committee headed by P.M Narendra Modi will appoint new Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director, following the exit of former Director Alok Verma, who was removed on the charges of corruption and misconduct. The panel led by P.M Modi will meet on 24th Jan to appoint new CBI Director. The committee consists of CJI Ranjan Gogoi, and Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge as other members.
Date - 1/17/2019 3:18:43 PM

Central Government constituted GST ministerial Panel on lotteries
GST Ministerial Panel to look into the current GST provisions related to lotteries has been constituted by Central Government. The present lottery System attracts 12% GST for a state-organized lottery and 28% GST for a state-authorized lottery. The aim is to look into the disparity in tax structure and fix it.
Date - 1/17/2019 3:18:22 PM

Stringent restrictions on dance bars in Maharashtra relaxed by SC
SC quashed some of the strict conditions and rules prescribed by the state government leading to the shutdown of the maximum dance bars in the city. A bench headed by Justice A.K. Sikri struck down the condition allowing a necessary partition between the performance area and the bar area. It also struck down the condition restricting dance bars to be opened within the radius of one km from a religious place or an educational institution.
Date - 1/17/2019 3:18:05 PM

Centre appoints Senior Advocate Sanjay Jain as ASG for SC
Senior Advocate Sanjay Jain has been appointed as Additional Solicitor General for Supreme Court. He will continue to hold the post till June 2020. Formerly, he was serving as ASG for Delhi High Court but submitted his resignation in March 2018.
Date - 1/17/2019 3:17:48 PM

• Stringent restrictions on dance bars in Maharashtra relaxed by SC
SC quashed some of the strict conditions and rules prescribed by the state government leading to the shutdown of the maximum dance bars in the city. A bench headed by Justice A.K. Sikri struck down the condition allowing a necessary partition between the performance area and the bar area. It also struck down the condition restricting dance bars to be opened within the radius of one km from a religious place or an educational institution.
Date - 1/17/2019 2:29:25 PM

Centre appoints Senior Advocate Sanjay Jain as ASG for SC
Senior Advocate Sanjay Jain has been appointed as Additional Solicitor General for Supreme Court. He will continue to hold the post till June 2020. Formerly, he was serving as ASG for Delhi High Court but submitted his resignation in March 2018.
Date - 1/17/2019 2:28:54 PM

Boarding pass Stamping practice to be end soon by Mumbai Airport
Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport came with a move to end the stamping practice of boarding passes for Domestic passengers. They said that the stamping of boarding passes by Security Personnel will stop soon. Passengers travelling within the country can authenticate their boarding pass at the pre-embarkation security checkpoints by scanning its QR Code or Barcode at e-gates.
Date - 1/16/2019 3:42:52 PM

AgustaWestland VVIP Chopper Case accused Christian Michel gets court consent to call family abroad
Christian Michel, one of the three middleman accused in the AgustaWestland VVIP Chopper case gets Delhi court consent to make calls to his family and lawyers abroad. Arvind Kumar, Special Judge granted Christian 15 minutes a week to make international calls. Michel was extradited from Dubai and arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on 22nd Dec’18. He moved to the Delhi court challenging his rejection of plea by jail authorities seeking permission.
Date - 1/16/2019 3:42:32 PM

• Charge sheet filed by Delhi Police against Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU sedition case in Patiala House Courts
Delhi Police on 14 Jan ’18, after almost three years submitted a charge sheet against Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) president Kanhaiya Kumar and nine others in the JNU Sedition case at the Patiala House Courts. The two other former JNU students were charged namely Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya for allegedly shouting anti-India slogans during an event on the hanging of Parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru.
Date - 1/15/2019 2:50:18 PM

Centre has six weeks to reply on PIL filed in SC against “Snooping”
Notice was issued on 14 jan’18 by SC to the Centre on a PIL filed challenging the notification authorizing 10 central agencies to monitor, intercept, decipher any computer system language and sought a response within six weeks. The PIL challenging the government’s notification came up before a bench headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi.
Date - 1/15/2019 2:49:59 PM

Constitutional validity of 10% quota reservation for economically weaker sections challenged in SC
A youth’s non-profit organization for equality has challenged the constitutional validity of the 103rd Constitutional Amendment Act which provides for 10% reservation for economically weaker sections of general caste. It was challenged on the reason that the amendment which inserts Art. 15(6) and Art. 16(6) in the constitution would alter the basic structure of the constitution and would also annul various binding judgments of the SC. The Amendment Act also violates the restraints that were imposed on the reservation policy, i.e. the 50% cap limit and the exclusion of economic status as a sole criterion for awarding reservation.
Date - 1/15/2019 2:49:32 PM

A bill called Right to Disconnect Bill introduced in Lok Sabha
MP Supriya Sule introduces a private members bill, Right to Disconnect Bill in Lok Sabha. The Bill empowers the employee to not respond to any employee’s calls, texts or mails after office/working hours. The bill also aims to reduce the work related stress and to provide for a better work life balance.
Date - 1/15/2019 12:36:22 PM

“Macedonia” renaming as the “Republic of Northern Macedonia” raises crisis between Greece and them
The resolution has been passed by the Parliament of Macedonia to amend the Constitution of the Country for renaming it as the “Republic of Northern Macedonia”. Macedonia has been in a decade long dispute with Greece which they tried to end by unilaterally approving and signing a contract which clearly says that the Macedonia will be called as “Northern Macedonia”. But after this move, the dispute doesn’t seem to be settled.
Date - 1/15/2019 12:36:00 PM

10% Quota reservation for economically weaker sections of general category gets President’s consent
President Ram Nath Kovind has approved the Constitution (103rd Amendment) Act, 2019, which introduces a 10% reservation for economically weaker sections of general class in jobs and educational institutions. The passing of the Act will be decided by the Centre.
Date - 1/15/2019 12:35:40 PM

Director Rajkumar Hirani accused of sexually assaulting his assistant
Bollywood Director Rajkumar Hirani has been accused of sexual assault by a female assistant who worked with him in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic “Sanju”. The woman has accused him of sexually harassing her for over the period of six months of shoot. But these allegations were denied by Rajkumar Hirani, calling it “false and completely unjustified”.
Date - 1/15/2019 12:35:17 PM

Alok Verma removed as CBI Director by High Commission Committee
Alok Verma has been removed as the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by the three-member panel headed by P.M Narendra Modi, and other two members being Justice A.K.Sikri, and Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge. He was removed on the charges of corruption, criminal misconduct, interference in sensitive cases, shielding big defaulters, and other offences. On the Panel’s recommendation, Alok Verma has been transferred to the Fire Services department as Director General.
Date - 1/11/2019 8:50:17 AM

• SC sets up three-member panel to provide for reforms for conducting Competitive exams
SC has constituted a three-member panel to suggest for reforms for fairly conducting Competitive examinations by government bodies. The Panel will consist of Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys, Vijay P Bhatkar, renowned computer scientist. The tampering and leaking of question papers has been the case from years, to resolve the same SC has constituted the Panel.
Date - 1/11/2019 8:50:01 AM

As per BBCI legal Cell, Hardik Pandya and K.L.Rahul can be suspended by CoA
The Apex Court has appointed the Apex Council, i.e. Committee of Administrators (CoA) to look into the matter. Hardik Pandya and K.L.Rahul who made some offensive remarks regarding women on the celebrity lifestyle show “Koffee with Karan” is being charged for making offensive comments on women that were tagged as crass and misleading and the proceedings will be initiated soon. The episode has also been pulled down by the Hotstar, which is an online streaming partner of the chat show Koffee with Karan. However, the suspension of the two cricketers will cease, if adjudication is not being completed within 6 months.
Date - 1/11/2019 8:49:29 AM

Legal Notes


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